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Okay you have another winner! I have used several of your products and have had success, that is, when I stayed faithful to the directions. I was having breakage and losing a lot of hair about 6 months ago. I tried other stuff with minimal results, and thought, maybe you will have something what will work. I have used the Biotae Hair Booster Formula for 6 months now and have fuller thicker hair, with very little breakage or loss. I returned to one of my older hair styles cause I had the hair to make it work. I love your products. Just wish you could do something about the grey!! LOL *

Lj, May, 2015

I started having a bad hair loss off late. One of my friends suggested Dr. Li's Biotae Hair Booster Capsules. I ordered 2 months supply and after using the capsules for over a month, I started seeing reduction in the hair loss. Thanks Dr. Li! I will continue to use the medicines. *

Purna, Mar, 2014

I lead a very stressful life with a hectic work schedule. I started having severe hair loss for the last 1 year and I tried various products in the market to control hair loss. None of them worked. When I came across Merry clinic's Biotae products, I thought of giving it a try. And to my surprise, now my hair loss is in control. Thanks Dr. Li for the products. I will continue buying the products and highly recommend Merry clinic to all. *

Sindhura, Jan, 2013

I was initially reluctant; skeptical about claims. But I am also distressed about the loss of my hair and talked myself into trying the products. Started taking hair loss treatment around February 17, 2012 (Hair Booster Capsules, Anti-Aging Supplement, and Therapeutic Shampoo, and Hair Booster Scalp Oil as directed for alopecia. Noticed less hair in comb and thought hair was beginning to thicken (especially on sides). But I was wondering if that was what I "wanted to see". However, Thursday night (March 1, 2012) a classmate said "your hair is getting thicker, what are you doing!?" Confirmation, will continue the product. *

Janice, SC, Mar, 2012

I am glad to say my hair has stopped thinning out ever since I used Dr. Merry Li's Biotae Capsules & Scalp Oil.I ordered the Biotae Introductory pkg.about 4 months ago! My hair growth process has started back up & I plan on seeing more results! *

Elizabeth, NY, May, 2011

I saw my hair thinning about 3 months ago and was considering other products and then I remembered Merry Clinic ad. i have purchased other products from merry clinic and was very pleased with the out come. i'm happy to say the biotae hair booster oil and shampoo has worked my thin spots are filling in. *

Kerry, CA, Dec, 2010

I've been using biotae pills five pills twice a day. My hairline is peeling skin and I've noticed with a mirror hair is growing slowly but surely. My sex drive is increased and feeling wonderful after six months. *

Hanif, CA, July, 2010

I started taking Biotae after experiencing severe post partum hair loss. About 3 months after the birth of my daughter my hair started falling out in amazing amounts. It was so very distressing to see the tumbleweed of hair produced with every hair washing. I decided to try Biotae as I've had success taking another product from Merry Clinic. I am completely amazed by the results I have gotten. It took about 2 months to kick in. My hair loss slowed over about 2 weeks and then virtually stopped. I am so thrilled and can honestly say this is probably the first time a product has delivered even more than promised. Thank You!! *

Julie, CA, Jan 2010

My hair came back and it darkened. it took a few months,but it looks great. i just got another bottle of hair scalp oil in today thanks merry clinic! *

Charles, CA

"Thank you for your wonderful products. I am a 45 year old man who has used Biotae capsules and scalp oil for two months and my hair loss is completely controlled."

Benny, CA

"…I was so pleased when I noticed my new hair growth after two months of using Biotae. It really has helped more than any other products I have used before. By the way, I like the scalp oil very much. It makes me feel relaxed every night after I use it."

Paul, NV*

" I am middle age woman. I used your product for one month, and noticed my hair loss has been greatly reduced. Also it really helps with my sexual desires. I am very satisfied with your product."

Joan, WA*

"…after trying many different hair loss treatments without much success, I was referred to you to try Biotae products. I have been using the capsules and scalp oil for three months by now. My hair has become thicker, and my energy level is much better too. I love Biotae products, it really works."

Nicolas, NJ*

" I would just like to say thank you so much for your products. I see the fabulous results after taking your Biotae for three months. My hair has become much thicker than before. I now have a lot of hair growing on the top of my head. The Scalp oil is wonderful, it also helps with my dandruff."

Matt, PA*

" …In the past two years, I was extremely stressful because of my job. I kept losing my hair terribly. After I used Biotae products for one month, I noticed much less hair loss. I also have much more energy. I am happy with this result. I will keep taking it for a while."

Barbara, NY


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