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Holistic Acne Treatment

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Our Approach

Skin inflammation is a sign that toxins are inside your body. It appears externally because your skin is the largest and only visible organ. In the case of serious skin problems, external treatment with a cream is not sufficient. The better approach is to detoxify your body because it then expels the toxins from inside and prevents the problems from recurring. This is how the Acneed Capsule works on Acne. *

Testimonials from our patients

I want to thank you soo much!!!! Your products are working for me, i can feel it. i was taking clindomiacin and minocycline but have stopped per your instructions. i take the max dose of your pills twice a day and it has been almost three weeks. although i still get some pimples, they aren't as deep and painful or cystic. they are more superficial, they go away quicker too. **

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Merry Clinic Acne Treatment Plan:

Dr. Li's Acneed Capsule herbal treatment plan focuses on balancing the body's system from the inside and controls the symptoms on the outside to manage acne.

1. Healing from inside: The Acneed Capsule will cleanse the toxins from your body and help balance your hormones to prevent acne from recurring. *

2. Control from outside: The Acneed cream will clear existing acne and blemishes. For sensitive skin, EcDermaid Facial Spray can be used to relieve the itching and redness. *

3. Diet restriction: To avoid aggravating the acne, you need to eliminate certain foods which might generate toxins inside your body. These foods include: alcohol, coffee, spicy food, lamb, mango, pineapple, chocolate, sugar and greasy food, etc.

4. Stress management: Try to reduce your stress level by exercising, getting enough sleep, etc.

5. Maintenance: Take Merry Clinic's Skin-Detox Formula as needed to supply the necessary nutrients to support your skin's health and prevent acne from recurring.

Treatment Products

Acneed Capsule

$33.99, 3 for $91.50

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1. Detoxify your body's system by reducing excess heat in your lungs, stomach, and liver which then helps to reduce acne. *

2. Helps balance your hormones to prevent future breakouts. *

3. Improves your blood circulation which, in turn, helps to nourish the skin damaged by acne. *


For adults with mild to moderate acne, take 6 to 8 capsules, twice daily;

For adults with moderate to severe acne, take 8 to 10 capsules, twice daily. It is preferable to take the capsules with a meal.

Acneed Cream

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Effective blend of natural essential oils specially designed to decrease blackheads, whiteheads and oily skin. It works to clear the impurities, diminish the pores, and helps smooth any scars in your complexion. *


Apply to the face or other affected site as a moisturizer 2-3 times daily. To avoid risk of allergy, test on a small patch of skin before use. Avoid contact with the eyes.

Acne Treatment Packages

For the best result of your acne treatment, Dr. Li has designed the following efficient and valuable Acne Treatment Solution for you.

Package 1: Inside Cleansing Solution:


3 bottles Acneed Capsule
(one month supply)

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Package 2: Complete Cleansing Solution:

3 bottles Acneed Capsule and one bottle of Acneed  Facial Cream

(one month supply)

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Supplemental Products

Skin Detox Formula
Dead Sea Salt
Mineral Soap
$39.99; 3 for $99
$14.95 $7.95
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Return Policy

If for any reason you decide to discontinue taking the EcDermaid Capsules, simply return the unopened bottles within 45 days of purchase. You will be refunded the cost of the unopened bottles. Shipping and handling charges cannot be refunded. For more detail, please go to return policy.


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