Treating Heavy Menstrual Bleeding with Chinese Medicine

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4 Responses

  1. Tara says:

    Can’t stop bleeding. Uterin bleeding. Tried apple cider vinegar. Ibruphrion it has slowed down but still staining. Can anyone help plz. Under a lot of stress the past 13 months. Had a miscarriage. 1 1/2 ago. Plz help.

  2. Cheryl Smith says:

    I have an abnormal parathyroid blood test . The calcium count is 1 point higher than normal and the parathyroid count is suggest hyperparathyroid. My doctor suggest I have a tumor on my parathyroid. Surgery is suggested if a ultrasound shows tumors. They use nuclear injections to illuminat the area. I hope Chinese medicine has a different way of dealing with tumors. Can you make a suggestion?

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