Merry Clinic Herbal Tablet for Psoriasis


This herbal formula provides safe, effective and long-term relief from symptoms such as scaling, flaking, itching and redness associated with psoriasis. Dr. Merry Li has developed Herbal Formula for Psoriasis based on her more than 25 years of clinical experience treating hundreds of difficult psoriasis cases. This unique herbal formula contains thirteen different Chinese natural herbs. Acting together, they balance the immune system and help clear toxins to control skin inflammation. Psoriaid will not change your skin over night, but it will steadily improve your condition and help keep the psoriasis under control.

There are no known side effects with the use of this product.

This product is made in the USA by an GMP certified manufacturing facility.


  • For adults with mild to moderate psoriasis, take 6 tablets, twice daily;
  • For adults with moderate to severe psoriasis, take 8 tablets, twice daily.

It is preferable to take the tablets after a meal.
For Children, consult with our doctor for further information.

Ingredients: Shrubby sophora root, gardenia fruit, rehmannia unprocessed root tuber, Japanese sophora flower, spatholobus stem, Chinese smilax rhizome, Chinese peony root with bark, tree peony root bark, Chinese salvia root & rhizome, isatis root, Dense-fruit dittany root bark, red-root lithospermum, safflower flower.

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Because herbal medicine takes time to heal the root cause of your skin condition, we strongly recommend taking the herbal medicine for at least one month. This will allow enough time to show the desired effect.

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