Patient Testimonials

about Eczema Treatment


I had been suffering with an dermatitis outbreak on my forehead from a year and a half ago.  It would receed with steroid treatment, but appear again in days.  I was excited to find an herbal remedy online, and ordered three bottles of EcDermaid to try, with high expectation. I was totally amazed at how quickly it affected the rash.  I was convinced on the third day. It is now imperceptable to anyone looking at me, but I am going to continue to detox to see if it will be taken care of in long term.  Thank you, Merry Li!**

Karey, from Quartzsite, AZ, Dec 2010

I had Eczema problems for 5 Or 6 years already, many trips to dermatologists office for treatment. I used cream and long term medication (Hydroxyzine HCL) and stop eating so many foods that the doctor told me to do for help, but the results came out worse and worse. Finally, I found the product on your web site and order 3 bottles to see if it worked. After three weeks tries my Eczema condition improved 70-80% than before. I will continue to using the pills until my Eczema fully recover. I definitely recommend to anyone who suffering for Eczema can use Ecdermaid for treatment. Thank you!!!**

Ken, from Hercules, CA, Dec 2010

My son is 2yrs. old and had been suffering for 6m. w/ eczema when allergy season started in spring. He had it in the backs of his legs, elbows, hands, ankles, and other spuratic places. He would hate to take baths or go in pools. He would wake up screaming from the pain and couldn't take naps in the day time either. I took him to pediatricians, allergists, and dermatologists. I tried all kinds of creams, diets,home remedies and allergy medicines. Nothing would work and no one could help. You name it i tried it!!! I couldn't stand to see my son in so much aggony. I spent months researching to find a cure and then i discovered Merry clinic. The first week i used Derma calm my son was in better spirits and already healing.This stuff is the only thing that worked and i'm so grateful.Now he sleeps through the night and takes long day time naps as well. He loves his bath time and is no longer suffering.Thanks Merry Clinic! I would recommend your products for sure!**

Ange, from Smyrna, DE, Nov 2010

I itching all over my body and I have been using the medication from the doctor give me the medication for about two to three years, but I look up online for a certain medication which is called Ecdermaid. I have been using since 4 days and have not been feeling to itching or scratching at all.
I feel like this product really works. **

Kusumo, from Norwalk, CA, Oct 2010

I have had severe seborrheic dermatitis for over 27 years now. I have had no positive results from dermatologists over those years. I experience extreme flaking,peeling,redness,sores and bleeding with no relief. I started on the EcDermaid pills about 8 months ago,and was and am still amazed at the results I am experiencing. After learning what foods are toxic to my body,and eating these pills twice a day, I am totally free of my symptoms. I am hopeful that this will continue as I can't see going back to my horrible and painful past. Thank you Merry Clinic.**

Mike, from Sylmar, Sept 2010

I would just like to share with you about my daughter's atopic dermatitis;her hair was falling out in clumps until her whole side of her head was completely bald so I contacted Dr. Li and she instructed her to use Therapeutic Shampoo, Psoriaid scalp oil and EcDermaid Capsule. Within a day the scales on her head started falling off and month later her hair is growing back. I want you all to know she has been suffering with this condition since she was born 25 years ago and these are the first products after years of taking prescription toxic medications that have worked. Thank you so much Dr. Li and if I was close to you I'd give you a big hug!! Sincerly Mary from Kansas.**

Mary, from Kansas, Sept 2010

Thank you again for your wonderful products.  I used the combination of Dermacalm drops and the EcDermaid spray on my 21 month old son, and saw results within 2 days!  He's had chronic red, rough and itchy skin all over his body for the longest time and your treatment has offered the most relief that we've seen, and we've tried MANY MANY products and medications.**

Katrina, from Thomasville , GA, Sept 2010

I was a little hesitate about using this product with my 11 year old daughter,I prayed, and God gave us a Blessing through this product. I brought the facial spray and order the sample capsules and with in a week, it was visible that this product was working for her. She loves it, because most of her itching is gone and she can sleep better and live better, without itching all the time. Thank you Merryclinic, for your hardwork and dedication.**

Rosetta, from Omaha, NB, Sept 2010

This is the MOST AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, AWESOME Eczema treatment I have ever found to REALLY work at the root of my problem.  MY skin has actually healed after eight years of itching and unsightly skin irritations & infections.  All of this in one months usage of Ecdermaid introductive solutions (2 bottles of capsules + 1 spray).  I have tried many products throughout the years, but this is the only one that WORKED--and did everything they claimed it would do!!!! I am feeling so much better, THANK YOU, MERRY CLINIC.  I have already reccomended this product to my friends.**

Jerilyn, from Camp Verde, AZ , Sept, 2010

I used everything to treat my hands eczema and nothing helped me,but your products are working so hands skin has not been rough or scaly anymore.i can see the difference in the befor and after effects of EcDermaid capsule.I highly recommend the EcDermaid and hand-foot Eczema cream.

Xidan, from Los Angeles, CA , Sept, 2010

Since I use the product for eczema treatment, my condition improved a lot.  I would like to have another order of the same product, hopefully after this treatment my eczema will be completely gone. Thank you for your wonderful product.

Mary, from San Jose, CA , Sept, 2010

It worked pretty well. I've been dealing with dermatitis for close to twenty years. Using dermatologist recommended steriod creams that have only temporarily helped and make the problem worse long term. I saw the add and wanted to give it a shot. There was improvement right away. I did a few things as recommended diet wise. I stopped drinking soft drinks and switched a few items that were large parts of my diet to organic. I am really happy about the results. In my opinion my case was severe. Maybe others would say not. Either was I will continue to order the product.

Matt, from Warner East Lansing, MI , Sept, 2010

I am on my 3rd bottle and 3rd week of ecdermaid capsules my hand,foot eczema was very bad, my legs, arms, & back broken out. My eczema has disappeared with the exception of a few itchy spots, I will continue with the treatment for another month and if all is well will go to the the maintenance treatment. Thank You for a product that lives up to its claims.

Wally, from Warner Springs, CA , Aug, 2010

I really believe in your herbs my dad, has been having great results not only has all his skin cleared up which no dermatology doctor could do for him for years, he is also in better physical health.  I thank you and your knowledge for medicine closer to the earth.  I know sounds cheesy but I feel god gave us so many great things and I am thankful to those who know how to put them together in medicine.

Andrea, from Scottsdale, AZ , Aug, 2010

I have eczema for about 4 years and I have been trying different treatments on and off but it was never truly cured. In the past year, it became worse and my feet irritate and itch frequently. I started to be very careful and selective about what I eat to avoid allergy. And for a few months, I felt that I could not eat anything because whatever I eat, it got worse.
Now I have finished 5 bottles of EcDermaid Capsule. One of my feet is almost clear, the eczema is almost gone. The other feet still a bit rough and flakey but much less irritated and less itchy. Thanks for the products and Dr. Li. I look forward the days that I can wear sandals with clean feet.

Wei, from Lexington, MA , Aug, 2010

I have tried your product now for almost 3 months.  My Hand Excema was so severe that I could hardly go to work.  My hands were curled in like a burnt victim from open cracked wounds & splits and so painful.  The Ecdermaid and Detox capsules have made a huge difference. The redness has decreased and the splits have healed.  The product arrived in 2 days and response by email was 24 hrs or less.  I can only have praise for Merry Li Clinic. I now tell all my friends who have skin conditions.

Mary, from Lake Ozark, MO , Aug, 2010

My seven-year old daughter has had eczema since she was born. I've tried almost everything her dermatologist has prescribed, mainly topical steroids and Benadryl. Plus I try to omit fragrances and artificial colors for her bath soap, laundry detergent & body/face cream.  I use mostly natural products and give her well-balanced meals. She is also a competitive swimmer, so being in a chlorinated pool makes her eczema even worse. I came across Dr.Li's products when I was Googling for natural treatment for eczema. I first emailed her and explained about my daughter's condition. Dr.Li responded within 24 hrs. My daughter has been taking EcDermaid for 1 1/2 months and her face is now clear and part of her left hand is almost healed. I can't thank Dr.Li enough for inventing such a wonderful product!!!

Niki, from Stamford CT , Aug, 2010

My daughter has excema really bad. I have tried many different creams and haven't found anything. My grandma did some research and found this medicine and now you can't even tell she has excema. Her skin is super smoothe, it isn't rough and flakey any more. This is the best product I have came across and  I highly recommend it!

Natalie, Aug, 2010

Your products are fabulous!  I've been using the capsules, the cream, and the detox formula for a month now and my excema is almost completely gone! Thank you so much!  I was at my wits end and your products have changed all that for me!

Alice, from Mill Valley, CA. Aug, 2010

I have been using these products for a short while (9 days) and I have seen noticeable results. Some may say it's impossible but when you can feel your skin for the first time in years and not feel like your rubbing against coarse grains then that's results in my book. I know complete results will take a while but from what I've seen I am giving it a try because I know that I will not have to worry about harmful side effects. I will make future purchases and recommend others to this company. My dream is to one day be able to not have to be embarrassed to wear short sleeves.

Cherryl, from Concord, NC. July, 2010

Merry clinic, you are the best clinic in the world!!!I wanna thank you sooo much! Almost 20 years's eczema is gone. It was directly on my face and was embarrassing. Your magic ecdermaid and skin detox formula supplements really really helped me. I am very greatful to your clinic. I appreciate that and thanks again :)

Zarifa, from Los Angeles, CA. July, 2010

I have had dyshidrotic eczema for over 20 yrs..steriods helped but once I went off them my eczema came back even worse..nothing had worked... I found your website and ordered the pills and upon Dr Li's advice I take 8 pills 2x daily..I've only taken the pills for a week and already have notice a difference in my eczema..since I am a severe case I believe it will take a few months but since I have seen dramatic results in just a week I am very impressed...THANK YOU MERRY CLINIC AND DR LI.

Diana, from Albuquerque, NW. June, 2010

My husband developed severe Dematitis while on a trip. He was wearing a T shirt washed in very hard water, therefore lots of detergent chemicals were in the shirt, and went out jet skiing in the ocean. We learned later the inlet he was skiing ind was tested and showed fecal content in the water. He had 2nd degree blisters in the perfect shape of that t-shirt on his body. We have spent nearly 7+ years seeking an answer, and treatment for the severe break outs he continued to have.
I persuaded my husband to agree to take the skin capsules for 1-2 months just to see if it worked. What did he have to lose? He was sporatic with his dosages the first time around missing days, etc. But the second time he followed the recommended dosage to the letter for 1 month and the dermatitis cleared up and has not returned. Here we are nearly 5 months now and still no signs of the break outs. He is even able to go work or play in the sun and heat with NO MORE break outs. It is really amazing! WE are fully satisfied with your product.

Linda, from Cherokee Village, AR , June 2010

Well, I was trying to find somthing that help my dougther with her problem. She has eczema. And I found the Merry Li web site, and I start looking, that she has diferent treatment, for diferent problems of skin. I decide to try it. And I very surprised of results. I saw an improvement on her on less than one week. Is incredible how alternative medicine can work better than prescription medicne. I'm so glad to see my dougther better then a week ago, to see her skin without any problem. Thank you.

Maria, from Santa Fe, NM, May. 2010.

I have moderate dyshidrotic eczema on my foot, which entails severe dry, cracking skin with immense itching blister-like bumps.  I would wake up in the middle of the night and could not stop scratching.  Many trips to the doctor and dermatologist have left me no where but with more itching.  I did my research and found Merry Clinic. Thank goodness I did!  I have only been using the products for 2 short weeks and have noticeable difference, softer skin and even better - less itching.  That is success in my opinion. Thank you Merry Clinic for great products!

Lisa, from New Lenox, IL, Apr. 2010.

First of all I want to say big Thank you to Dr Li and your products. My son had bad skin allegy 2 years ago.It happened all of sudden when he was 18 years old. One day I found about Merry Clinic and decided to try. I send an e-mail, picture which how my son's skin look like and always answered me quickly. He started take Ecdermaid capsule about 3 months, at that time much much better his allegy skin.Then he took Skindetox formula for 2 month for maintenance.
I think this is really good products.I really appreciate Dr. Li so much. Thank you for all!

Masami, from Irvine, CA, Apr. 2010.

About 6 weeks ago, I was so panic about my son's ezecma, he had this skin problem since very young and was gone and back. My son has been feeling a lot better since he started using the medicine and has been less irritated too.He almost finishes the fourth bottle and I am going to place a new order.And here I want to thank Dr. Li. She is always nice to answer all my questions.I live in Vancouver, when her staff finds out it is a long distant call, they always help to get Dr. Li to answer the phone as soon as possible.It is a very helpful and friendly clinic. I feel lucky to know about this clinic.

Ann, from Vacouver, Canada, Apr. 2010.

I had a severe sudden onset of excema covering 75% of my body. For 3 months I tried creams prescribed by the dermatologist that did nothing.  I was digging til I bled due to the intense itching. I bought the Ecdermaid and used it for 4 weeks.  It is now completely gone and I just ordered skin detox which I am hoping will maintain my healthy skin. This worked 100% for me.

Jane, from Tupper lake, NY, Mar. 2010.

I've had eczema since the 1980's and have gone to a dermatologist, but the prescription she gave me only brought temporary relief of the constant itching.  She told me that there was no cure for this disease.  After seeing the dermatologist for years and using the prescriptions that did not cure this skin condition I decided to go online for a eczema cure.  I found the Merry Clinic website.  After reading the testimonials I decided to try the Ecdermaid.  I just wanted to let you know that your customer service was very helpful and answered all my questions.  Also fast shipping.  I recieved my order of 2 bottles Ecdermaid capsules and 1 Spray.  I used the spray on my face and neck as you recommended.  It relieved the itching.  And six days after taking the Ecdermaid capsules the constant itching stopped.  When I finished taking the first bottle of Ecdermaid capsules, I noticed that my skin started to clear up and become smooth again.  This product really works!  It's safe, effective and gets to the root cause of the problem.  I feel so much better now that the constant itching has stopped.  Thank you Merry Clinic for creating such a wonderful product.  I definately would recommend this product to other people with this condition.

Eurcelia, from Farmington Hill, MI, Mar. 2010.

My 2yr old son had excema covering his entire body and after about 2 weeks it entirely cleared up.It was a miracle!

Gina, from Blandon, PA, Mar. 2010.

Hello, my mom bought me your skin detox. I have been using it and my skin feels nice. I've always had oily skin and it seems that the skin detox has made that go away, but my skin isn't dry. I'm so glad she got it for me. Thank you so much.

Karina, from Chicago, Mar. 2010.

I have been using the Ecdermaid and Skin Detox Formula for a month. It has made a huge difference in my eczema in this short time.  My shoulders are smoother and rarely itch.  The biggest difference is that the skin is no longer red and swollen.  Thank you for such a great product.

Cheryl, from Iowa, Mar. 2010.

My son is 24 years old and has suffered with severe eczema for approx. 6 years.  The rash, severe itching, blisters and dryness seems to manifest in his feet but with a severe breakout can spread throughout his entire body.  We have tried it all and I know what damage the steroid shots can cause. I have just ordered another month of the capsules because it seems to be helping.  We didn't expect to see any results for at least a month but after 2 1/2 weeks my son can see some improvement.  The rash seems to be better and the itching not as severe.  I hope it continues to work and we can get this totally clear in a few more months.  What an answered prayer that would be!

Amy, from Melissa TX, Feb 2010.

I found Merry Clinic after being extremely frustrated with doctors and my life long dibilitating excema.  The herbal pills have absolutely improved my skin a thousand fold, more than any topical or shots ever did.  Dr. Li is an angel, so knowledgable and a person that just really wants to help.  I have recommended Merry Clinic to anyone that has issues.  I have never found anyone or anything more effective.  Thanks with ALL my heart.

Lola, from San Francisco, Feb 2010.

I had a very bad rash on my hand for over a year. Doctors told me there is no cure.  They prescribed different things just some cream that didn't work. I was so deppressed. When I had my baby I had to wear a glove everywhere so my baby wouldn't get the rash when I carried him. I had one lady ask me if I was wearing the glove to remember Michael Jackson. Well I was desperate. I didn't have the money to order your product. I had to try it so I borrowed the money from my mom. She was skeptical, but she knew how much I was suffering. Well the rash is almost gone. It went from being on the side of my hand to my thumb and then three of my fingers it was a scary feeling. It was also starting to show on my arm in some places.  I thank you for making this product. I have told people about you. I hope they try it also. I feel so much better now. You cannot imagine how hard it is to learn how to use the hand you don't usually use. 

Maria,  from Centralia, IL. Feb, 2010

I suffer from ezcema since i was 1 year old and i'm now 21 years old. I've visited many doctors including chinese and western. but the only answer i got was it would recover once i growth up. eventually it does not but worst. I came across merryclinic and started off with the herbal capsule for the past 3 months. It recover some part of my skin but maybe due to the hot and humid weather in my country, Singapore. itchness is on and off. Moreover dryness on skin seem not really reacting well, and i seek advice from Dr Li regarding this. She advised me to consume the herbal capsule together with the skin detox. and i'm now consuming both. It works pretty well for my skin. I'm going to order more from merryclinic so as to clear off all the unglam and dry skin to regain my confidence and have better appearance of my skin.

Xueli,  from Singapore, Feb, 2010

I have just started my 3rd bottle of EcDermaid Herbal Capsules and have notice quite an improvment in my condition,greatly reduced itching and redness, I would recommend this product. Looking forward to being exzcema free. My dermatologist wants me to bring a bottle in to her.

Abel,  from Miami, Florida, Jan 2010

I have been using Ecdermoid for a few weeks for my dermatitis/eczema.  Since I have a severe case (4-5 years of burning, rashy, itchy, flaky, cracked skin) and nothing that several dermatologists have prescribed worked, I decided to try more natural therapies instead of having my skin addicted to steroids and creams.  My skin has responded well and the burning is gone and the rashes are healing.  I do believe that it will take a few months to be totaly cured but, it took several years to get to this point!  This is great.  Thanks.

Jenn, from Troy, Michigan, Jan 2010

I have been using the EcDermaid Body and Face spray for itchy areas on my body and within minutes the itching subsides and lasts for several hours, often for the entire day.

Adrea, from Rancho Cordova CA, Jan 2010

I have had severe seborric dermatitis for over 20 years,and no treatments worked until I started on EcDermaid herbal supplements. My skin is so clear now,and has been for over 6 months. The longest any treatment has ever lasted.Thank you so much.

Mike, from California, Dec 2009

The products for scalp dermatitis have been really working well for me.  I have seen a 70% improvement in the last 2.5 months.  I have never met Dr. Li, but she answers any question about the condition and gets back to you with an answer within 24 to 48 hours.  The customer service is also great. 

Wendy, from California, Dec 2009

We just ordered the herbal pills for my son.  He has been taking them for about a week and his eczema has almost gone completely away!  He is taking 6 pills twice a day. He is 11-years-old and in the last few years his eczema has gotten so much worse.  I have been praying for something like this to help him.  Thank you so much for your product.  It is amazing!!!

Jayme, from Los Angelos, CA, Aug 2009

In 2003, was exposed to toxic mold, carbon monoxide, and natural gas while working in Atlanta GA. I developed a raised, red, firey rash on my torso, arms, and legs. I saw three dermatologists, at three well-known universities, given cream, nothing worked. I was told to stay away from toxic fumes!! While visiting my daughter in Los Angeles, I broke out horrifically, painfully to the point that I was given a steroid descending dose pack which temporarily subsided the painful redness but NOT the rash. My daughter did a search and found Dr. Li, I emailed her and she told me what to order and how to take the herbs. I received my order in 3 days, my skin began to clear within a day!! I bathe with the Dead Sea soap and use the Body and Face Spray, plus the herbal capsules. AMAZING!! Thank you Dr. Li and your knowledgeable staff in curing me. My energy is restored as well as my zest for life. I will be forever grateful!! Be well!!

Karen, from Texas, May 2009

I am pleased to report to you that my skin rash has almost gone except occasional itchiness for the last several days.  I've been taking Deep Sea Salt bath twice a week...  I just opened the 5th bottle of Ecdermaid.   I appreciate your advice.  Thank you for your help and support.  

Yoko, from Hawaii, Mar 2009

My kids(8 & 11 yrs old) had severe eczema.  They've been taking EcDermaid for a few months now and their skin is totally clear! 
Thank you for your products...they have been an answer to years of prayer.
God bless you.

Marlis, from San Jose CA, Mar 2009

I am happy to report that the eczema on my great toe that had persisted for years, despite trips to several doctors, all of whom prescribed ointments and/or creams, none of which worked in the slightest.  On my own I tried many alternative remedies, again, none worked.  I followed your instructions to the letter, and after a month I saw improvement, and now a couple months later, the toe is like all the others – smooth and free of eczema.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Frances, from Wake Forest, NC, Feb 2009

Wow...This stuff really worked for me fast and usually nothing does, as I have always had extremely sensitive skin and body. I took the child's dosage of only 2 capsules daily and within 1 week my facial dermatitis was completely gone! Now my skin looks and feels better than ever before.

Jill, from Madison, WI, Dec 2008

I am now 28 yrs old, but I have had skin problem since my early teenage years. I got dry, round red patches on my legs, and a few on my back. I tried everything, but noting work; one day i was surfing online and came upon Merry Clinic, and thought i would give my last shot and hope. I was very glad I did, cause my red patches are starting to shrink, and i am just looking forward to the next day to inspect my skin because everyday there's new results. I am currently taking 7 pills twice a day. I never used to have regular bowels movement, but after taking the pills I am going 1-2 times daily. THANK YOU very much this summer i know i can wear short pants and skirts FOR THE FIRST TIME :)

Susan, from North York, Canada. Dec, 2008

My father had Eczema for over 15 years. He has been seeking for helps whether through western medicine or Chinese herbal medicine all these years but couldn't get better. He has to use 10 mg steroid daily to curb the itchiness, even that he has to use hot water at night twice to rinse the skin where it's itchy. So I'd say he's in severe condition. Out of desperation, we searched it online and came across Merry Clinic web site. I then sent an email to Dr. Li to consulate what exactly my father has. Dr. Li wrote back two days later and thought he said Eczema. So I ordered one bottle of EcDermaid Capsule for him to try. After taking it for 1.5 weeks, he was able to cut his steroid to zero and only get up once or even not at all at night to use hot water rinsing his skin. The spray however didn't seem to relief the itchiness that much. My father has had herbal treatment before. All it did was to make it worse. I guess he had allergic reaction to some of the ingredients. We're just happy; he's not allergic to Dr. Li's herbal medicine and was able to see the improvements already. I ordered three more bottles for him. We all really hope after a month or two treatments, he'll be cured. We're from China. Herbal medicine is not cheap whether in China or here. But we certainly hope as a returned customer, we can have better discount at Merry Clinic. Dr. Li is very prompt in responding every email I sent to her regarding my father's condition. I'm pleased.

Sherman, from Oakton, VA - Nov 08

I am writing to tell everyone about Ecdermaid and the other eczema products. I have tried so many other products and the products were nearly as bad as the eczema. They burned my skin and then would scab my skin. I actually thought about killing myself a few times because I was in a nightmare and living hell that was indescribable. I had eczema from scalp to toes. Within 24 hours of taking 8 capsules of Ecdermaid 2x/day I began to get relief from the itching. Slowly my skin cleared up. The spray is heaven sent. It stops the itching and makes my skin soft and smooth. I tell everyone I run into that has any skin stuff going on to check this website out. These products really work and the people at the clinic are totally professional and very good about sending things out right away. The doctor is really gifted in treating skin disorders and she is extremely helpful. She took time to speak to briefly for a few minutes with no appointment. She seems to really understand how hellacious skin problems can be and how to deal with them effectively. Please try these products. You will not be disappointed. Good luck to all my brothers and sisters struggling with skin disorders. May you all find the relief that I have found with these products!

Delilah -- Sept 2008

I have used your Ecdermaid products in the past and had huge success! My skin has been clear for about a year--no reoccurances!! Thank you.

Larinda -- Aug 2008

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. My two year old daughter had probably one of the worst eczema skin problem. Everything hurt her.She would scratch herself to the point where she would bleed. I tried every cream and medicine imagineable. Nothing worked. My father found this website. Needless to say I purchased the Kid's Dermacalm, EcDermaid, and the mineral soap. And within three days her skin was clear as to the day she was born. Since then it has been two months and she's had no break outs once so ever. So once again I thank you for helping my daughter.

Alissa -- Aug, 2008

My son has been using the Kids Dermacalm and his eczema is getting better. I only gave him a bottle so far. So far his face is doing way better that what it use to be. Thanks for your product.

Daisy -- Aug, 2008

I recently purchased some Eczema treatment products and I'm VERY impressed with the results.  The spray cleared my baby's chapped cheeks in just two days!  It also seems to help with the itching.  I wish I'd have known about Dr. Li's products when my daughter had eczema 4 years ago.  Thank you Dr. Li!!!

Monica -- Aug, 2008

I am a forty-year old African American fair-skinned woman and I have been warring with eczema for all of my life. Okay, so I am going to try and make this as short as possible but I want all of the undecided seekers to know that THESE PRODUCTS really WORK. I have spent countless numbers of dollars on physicians in Los Angeles, St. Louis and Atlanta and none of these professionals provided the relief and restoration that Dr. Li's products have given me. Now, I know it can be a little costly, but it is WELL worth the dollar or two. Matter of fact, I just completed my second order. I would like to believe that I am an intelligent being with the ability to make good sound decisions...well this is one of the BEST decisions that I HAVE EVER MADE!!! please Dr. Li, keep up the good work. Also, i hope you come up with something a little stronger for the hands. with much love,

Leah -- July 2008

For 17 years I suffered eczema to my hands. Being a nurse made it even worse. I also developed an allery to latex. I would go to work with cracked, dry hands. It was so itchy and red that I scratched it till it began to bleed. It got infected a few times. I used steroid creams which would only give me relief for a little while. Then it would come back worse than before. I felt so hopeless and began considering a change in my profession!

I started taking the EcDermaid capsules on 5/23/2008 after consulting with Dr. Li. She prescribed the Herbal Treatment with the Dead Sea Salts. It is now 7/10/2008 and my hands have no cracks, no itching, no dryness! I have tried many other products online prior to using Dr. Li's products. Dr. Li also recommended that I go for allergy testing. I thank Dr. Li for her professionalism and her products!

Eileen - July 2008

Your products are amazing. I used the Skin Detox Formula and the EcDermaid spray for a severe skin infection around my eyes and on my cheeks. I also avoided the foods which contribute to skin irritation. Within 4 days my skin was mostly clear again. I had battled this infection for several months with other products. It would subside, only to return after a few days.  I ordered your skin maintenance products to nourish my complexion properly and look forward to keeping my skin bright and healthy. 

Dorothy - July 2008

We would like to say that your product is great ! and Sheila has been using it now for about two weeks and it has led to a very speedy recovery from her dermatitis. We would like to submit some future photos of the before and after effects. Thank You ! for your advise and we will keep you informed of her full recovery hopefully real soon.

Pete - June 2008  

I was diagnosed with eczema over 24 years ago and the doctors told me that there was no cure, but was prescribed a cream to relieve the itching. It was so bad because when I scratched I would open the sores and bleed. Less than a week ago I bought EcDermaid capsules and creme. I took the capsules as directed and have noticed an improvement. I no longer scratch and my skin on my legs have become very smooth. I honestly thought I'd never get rid of this ailment because I am now 84 years old. Thank you Merry Clinic!

   Max  - May, 2008

I am writing TO TELL EVERYONE WITH ECZEMA PROBLEMS THAT THIS PRODUCT REALLY WORKS! My 7 year old daughter suffered with this skin condition every since she was a toddler. After many doctor appointments and various prescription steroid creams, nothing seemed to work. As she grew older and began school, I observed her becoming highly self-conscious of her body especially under her belly where her jean or bottom button would be. Her eczema spread to other areas of her body, mainly small patches where it was noticeable to other children. Her skin was so irritated and she was so uncomfortable that it would break my heart. As a concerned mother, I started to search the internet for other avenues to treat her eczema. Here I stumbled across Dr. Li's natural products. I, too, was extremely skeptical, but after trying so many other remedies, I needed to give this a try. I AM SO HAPPY I DID! After a few months of treatment, my daughter is BEAMING that her eczema has cleared up and she never misses a day without putting the cream on. She is so excited that she wants to go to the beach because it has cleared up under her belly and wants to show the world. I am so thankful I stumbled across your website and tried your natural products. THANK YOU DR. LI FOR HELPING MY DAUGHTER!

Joanna -- May, 2008

I have used your products and they have worked for me. The doctor here (5 years ago) told me there was no cure, then I found your website and decided to try your products. That was a blessing, I have gotten rid of most of my Eczema.

Thomas -- Apr 2008

I would just like to thank you Dr. Li for a fantastic product ! My son ,10 yrs old has had eczema since he was 4 on different parts of his body. Steroid cremes prescribed by dermatologists DO NOT WORK ! and are dangerous for your body. THIS regimen of pills and hand creme showed results in 3 days !, and is an all natural product. We just ordered our 2nd shipment and his eczema is almost completely gone. It is a pleasure to do business with you and my son is forever your patient.

Lois -- Feb 2008

Great product! The EcDermaid spray almost instantly stops my itching. I was on antibiotics for 5 days for bronchitis, and experienced an allergic reaction, that caused the area around my mouth to become chapped, irritated, and rash like. The spray even helped me for that. I couldn't be more pleased. I referred you to a couple of friends, and they are very pleased also. Thank you!

 From Lola- Jan 2008


From KARLA -- Oct 2007

Hi, My name is Sarah and I am so thankful I found you. My son is now ten months old and he is pretty much cured of his eczema that covered his whole body this past summer. We ordered the drops and spray and switched to non-lactose formula at six months. Wow-What a change! ...Thank you so much for your amazing products ... Sincerely, Sarah.

From Sarah -- Oct, 2007

I want to thank you for these eczema products. I have been using them on my 2 year old for just 3 weeks now, and there is significant improvement in his skin. He is also more comfortable and not always scratching anymore. I am so glad I have found your website and I will recommend your clinic to others. I will continue to purchase your products as long as I see them working. Thank you!!!!

From Patricia -- Aug, 2007

I would like to express my thanks to you for an amazing product. I have been taking EcDermaid for 4 months now and my skin is clear. I had severe Excema/Dermatitis (it would subside and then get exacerbated by allergies/stress) for 2 years. It made me miserable and self conscious because it was on my neck, under my eyes and on my arms. Guess what, it is now GONE!!! I cannot express the relief I feel, nor can I express the confidence I have gained back. I am sleeping through the night, no more itchiness and pain. Now I can exercise, get back into shape and enjoy life without this 'condition' flaring up all of the time. THANK YOU!!!

 From Larinda -- Aug, 2007

I want to say that the Ecdermaid is amazing!! My 6yr old son has had severe eczema throughout his body for about 4yrs. We have been to several dermatologists and homeopathic doctors and it never went away completely. When my son started taking Ecdermaid about 5wks ago the back of his knees were weeping with open sores and he even had it around his eyes. He never wanted to wear shorts because of the rash on his legs and knees. It is heartbreaking to see you 6yr old son being so self-conscious about his body and also not being able to do anything when he scratches all over and doesn't even want to take a bath because it burns. We started seeing results within two weeks. We could not believe it! Right now his back and stomach is completely clear and the back of the knees is healing very fast. My son went on his first swimming lesson yesterday and he was not worried about taking off his shirt. I am about to reorder the Ecdermaid and I just want to say THANK YOU!

From Aggie -- July 2007

Wow! I am so grateful to Merry Clinic and Dr. Li. I am very lucky to live in the San Francisco Bay Area and met with Dr. Li. I have had chronic eczema and dermatitis on my face and neck my whole life. I always had itching and a blotchy face. My face was always hot. I am 44 years old and have had trouble with my skin for years. After hundreds and hundreds of dollars and 7 different dermatologists and 15+ different prescriptions, only Dr. Li's products have helped. Dr. Li also said I had Rosacea which I have never been told by any dermatologists. It only took a few days for me and my hubby to see the difference. I work in the medical field and my co-workers who were once skeptical now have to eat their words. They couldn't believe it.

I have been on the EcDermaid capsules and the Acneed capsules for 4 weeks now and just had my second appointment with Dr. Li. I am so happy with the results. My skin is so much better. I am not embarrassed anymore about my face. I have to stay on the pills for about 5 more weeks to get the best treatment for me. I am so happy I found Dr. Li and the Merry Clinic. How come traditional medicine couldn't help me? It's all about $$ for the doctors and the Rx drug industry. The medicine from Dr. Li is all natural and no side effects. Rx's from my previous dermatologists all had side effects; such as thinning of the skin, etc..

I am thankful for that day I was looking for help on the internet and found Dr. Li. Her products are the best and if you live near the SF Bay Area, another bonus is that she is on time. No waiting like other doctor appointments.

Give it a try. If it helped me it can help you too. You really can't lose anything by trusting Dr. Li's products.

If you order online, everything arrives right away.

Thanks so much to Dr. Li. :)

From Cathy -- July, 2007

I received my product the very next day! I had also contacted Merry Clinic by email for advice and received a response the very same day. The products that I purchased are very satisfactory. The Ecdermaid spray eased my skin dryness and itchiness with the first use. This is not an exaggeration. This is good stuff. I will order again.  I want to express a big THANK YOU! to the person who processed my order. The last two times they were corrected and a lower cost was given, saving me money! That is something I really appreciate!

  I also wanted to write and say I think your product is really helping me! Before I started taking the Ecdermaid Tabs, I was very tired and always wanted to sleep. I also had itchy skin all over (dermatitis) and on one leg I itched it so bad, it was weeping. I have betamethasone dipropionate ointment as a prescription, but that wasn't helping. It wasn't until I started taking 10 capsules at lunch and at dinner (20/day) that I started to see results! My hands cleared up and I tried putting the betamethasone on my weeping leg once again- this time, the leg started to clear up and right now it's dry and although I still have a few blemishes, it's healing! I also find myself with more energy! I no longer want to take naps/sleep and am back to my old self. I'm glad I stumbled upon your website!

Jean -- Jun 2007

MerryClinic has provided me with the results I've been looking for in the past 16 years to cure my eczemas in both my hands & feet.I visited many dermatologists during those 16 years but none of the prescriptions that were given helped heal this disease permanently. I will recommend EcDermaid to my family, friends or anyone in need of a cure.I thank Dr Li for her amazing cure and wish her and staff all the best in finding new cures. Thanks again greatly for your help.

Dovillas -- June 2007

Ecdermaid is the most unbelievable capsule that I have ever seen.I have tried many different oitments & creams that were prescribed to me by different dermatologists for the past 13 years but none of them ever came close to the results I got from Ecdermaid.Huge thanks to Dr Li & her miracle product.May GOD bLess you & your family.

 Lee -- June 2007

  I wanted to give you my hearfelt thanks for your wonderful products! I've suffered from terrible eczema on my hands and feet for years and tried everything for relief, from steroid drugs and creams from the dermatologist to every kind of herbal product I could find, but nothing worked. The unbearable itching would keep me awake at night and then pain from the sores I'd have from scratching my skin raw. Then late one night when I couldn't sleep I went online looking for something--anything-- to relieve this condition, I came upon your website.  I've been using your foot cream and skin detox formula and have gotten immediate relief.  Since using your products I've been able to sleep through the night.  Such a wonderful thing not to be awakened in the middle of the night with itching so intense it would make me want to scream.   Thank you so very much Dr. Li.  I am so grateful to you for offering these products that AT LAST have given me the relief I've been searching for all these years!   You are amazing!!

   Kathleen -- June 2007.

Thank you for the miracle of Merry Clinic! I've suffered from bad exzema for 36 years, and now it's almost gone!

  Jo -- Apr 2007   

My daughter has been using your EcDermaid for two weeks and has improved 75-80%. Yeah!!! .....

  Tracy -- Mar 2007   

I am a massage therapist, and have been suffering from severe eczema for about a year. The condition is the worst on my hands, which made it very difficult to do my job. My hands swelled, itched, wept, skin flaked off. It was almost unbearable. I went from doctor to doctor, and no one could help me. They gave me topical steroids, which we all know, don't really work. My husband found your website, and before I was done taking the second bottle of EcDermaid, I could see SIGNIFICANT results. I am so happy that you are there! I am telling everyone about your wonderful products. THANK YOU!!!

Rachel - Feb 07

I have severe eczema and so far i am experiencing excellent results by using the EcDermaid supplement, Skin Detox Formula, and the EcDermaid hand cream. I've been doing this for one month, and I plan on using this treatment for 2 more months. In order to maintain the treatment I will then stop the EcDermaid and continue using the Skin Detox as well as the hand cream... Thanks, Paul

Paul - Feb 07

Dear Dr. Li,

I just want to thank you for the treatment you recommended for my
dermatitis. After finishing 2 bottles of ecdermaid and applying the
facial spray, the dermatitis in my lower chin is completely gone and my
whole face even looks cleaner. I'm glad that it worked for me.




       Gene -- Jan, 07

Thank you, Dr. I am free of Eczema, because of you. I thought I was going to die because my itching had progressed to the bleeding, from scratching, during my sleep and at work. However, when I discovered your treatment on the Internet and sent for the pills, which I took for 10 days and the itching subsided dramatically, then, after a 3 week period, the rash began to disappear.
It was like a miracle. I told my Insurance Company, Kaiser, who had been treating me for the Eczema for over a year, but they didn't seem to take think that your "cure" was worth telling other patients about it.
I would only hope that other Eczema patients would try your method, because I firmly believe in it.
Thank you for having a website.

Evelyn -- Aug 06

Immediate delivery. Wonderful products. Great personal service.

I ordered this product last week. It immediately cleared my hands and helped my daughter's excema.

Catherine -- July 06

I have really enjoyed dealing with the Merry Clinic. My son has truly seen results from my latest order of Skin Detox and mineral soap. My initial order was a couple of years ago and I was so surprised to get a call from Dr. Li herself, asking about my sons eczema history. By doing so, she could determine just what he needed to do. He started out with the Ecdermaid, which worked very well. In addition to great products, their shipping is incredibly fast. I usually receive my order within 2 days. I sincerely hope that anyone with problems of this nature, will give this a try. Its all natural, no drugs or steroid creams, and I truly appreciate that. Keep up the good work!

  Dawn -- July 06

I recently bought a EcDermaid from I was very pleased with their overall service. I called them to make sure the item I was buying will work for my son and what would be the side effect? They were very helpful. EcDermaid capsule is very effective, I see changes in my sons skin after taken it for three weeks. Thank you so much for such an excellent capsule.

Yemisi -- June 06

We are very satisfied customers of the herbal pills and body spray.  Our twin daughters had  eczema pertty bad, but your products helped clear their skin like no other product.  Thank you so much for your service, God Bless You.

  Jubner -- May 06

Their product worked for me the very first time I used it. Absolutely Amazing. I will never use modern medicine again!!!

Mark -- Mar 06   

Very quick shipment, and the products WORK!!!! Wow. Im just amazed with the result of their products... Highly recommended!

Masako -- Feb 06

Since last September, I started to develop eczema on my fingers. My hands were so itchy, dry and sensitive to salt, hot water, cold weather and a lot of other things that I have to wear gloves to do everything.
Not only that, the finger nails on my index and middle fingers of my right hand became layered and easily to be broken. I was very upset.

Only after your treatment for less than two weeks in Jan, my hands were no longer that itchy and dry. Now I have the treatment for about six weeks. I am very pleased to report to you that not only I have seen noticeable improvement on my fingers but also the finger nails start to grow more normally. I can do a few things without wearing gloves which is a big relief to me.

Thank you, thank you so much, Dr. Li! You have enlightened my new year and give me hope to recover.

Sarah -- Feb 06

I want to thank Dr. Li for taking the time to research skin deceases. My body was covered with dermatitis. I look like I had a bad burn. The first week I took the EcDermaid my dermantis seem to get worse. I increased the dosage and the second week it was like a miracle happening. By the third week all the rash was gone. My skin was sore and red and itchey. The spray did help and it slowly started going away. EcDermaid did what no medication could do without side effects.

Ruth -- Jan 06

After almost 3 months of treatment, I have seen good improvements. I haven't had rashes/itchy for almost 2 weeks. I have only got some small rashes in the last 2 days. I have 2 questions at the moment and would like to have your advice:

 Lan -- Jan 06

"I'd like to let you know that how grateful my whole family are! Our three year old son has severe eczema since he was two months old. We've tried a dozen of doctors and spends hundreds and thousands of dollars on various creams, lotion, and all kind of medicines, but nothing really worked. Your products are really God-sent. Now with the cream and spray, we can easily keep the rash under control. They work like magic. Thank you so much!"

Qian -- 12/01/05   


Sonya -- 12/01/05   

"My skin is so smooth after two month of taking EcDermaid capsule. It is the ONLY thing that works for me.

Randy -- 10/25/05

 "I informed the clinic of my problem and was advised that i need only purchase the cream and not the pills. My affliction had been in evidence for over 40 years and was controlled by various prescriptions but not cured by any medical practitioners. The Merry clinic applications were applied to the affected area for one week and total disappearance of the problem was achieved." Douglas -- 08/02/05


"I recently ordered a herbal remedy for eczema. I received my order in 4 days ! And , as I did a previous order also, I was really grateful as to the fast delivery. Safe packaging is a great plus. The Herbal Remedy is working great and I am really thankful that item is available to anyone who needs it. Thank You , Thank You!" Elizabeth -- 07/29/05

"Thank you for your spray. It keeps our daughter's eczema manageable." Zora -- 07/15/05


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