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I have been taking the Lupuraid for a little over 2 months. The instructions stated that by the 3rd month I would notice a difference but I have to tell you this product completely stopped by symptoms before then. Every 2 weeks my eyes would swell shut from a red burning, itching rash all around my eyes. More commonly know a RACOON RASH or BUTTERFLY RASH due to Hypothyroidism. Since taking this WONDERFUL product my rashes have completely stopped. The picture attached is what I USED to look like at each break out and what I look like now. Thank you Dr. Merry Li for you wonderful research and helping those of us who suffer with Thyroid issues!!!

Kaye, Apr 2014*

It was a divine encounter that allowed me to find this wonderful website. At the time I had been avidly searching for solution to help with the pain and overwhelming itching and burning that I was experiencing as a result of a diagnosis of DLE Lupus and the initial symptoms of SLE Lupus. This was a frightening time as the specialist and traditional western doctors prescribed plaquanil and prednisone yet the symptoms were not being alleviated. More so my symptoms were getting worse. It was so severe that by the time I encounter Merry Clinic more than 40% of my body had scars and markings that caused constant pain. Dr. Li and associated staff have been extremely responsive to all my questions and it was a relief to have this personal contact in a difficult time. From the first consultation within the week I took the supplements (Lupraid and Arthraid) I started to feel the internal fever that felt like burning on the inside minimize. By the first month the lesions and redness on my skin calmed down and now in my third month I am in a place of "sanity" and recovery. I am so grateful to Dr. Li because her supplements and medical expertise saved my life. Additionally, the dietary restrictions that Dr. Li offered supported my recovery extremely well. Especially, when the Local Doctors said there were no dietary restrictions. As,this is considered a fairly new diagnosis in my local environment, so much speculation and trials are occurring without success. And I will ensure to inform about this wonderful solution . Dr. Li, I believe that I was apart of the plan when you pursued this course of creation. And I pray for your continued success so that others will also find relief and recovery. Thank you, Grateful Client

Shamaka, July 2016*

I was diagnosed with Lupus over 2 and a half years ago. After trial and error with different medications, I found Lupuraid. This supplement helped me manage my symptoms better than anything else I tried ! I have done detoxifications, OMT, massage therapy, acupuncture, and a variety of supplements and medications - and still, Lupuraid continues to be the best supplement for me! I am so grateful!

Bridgett, Jan 2016*

I was diagnose with Discord Lupius about 2 years ago. It affected my scalp, and skin. My hair was thinning, and it was painful to touch. I had severe itching and developed red spots throughout my scalp. I was prescribed ointment to put on, but it was ineffective. I was misery! I look on line and found the Merry clinic. I emailed Dr. Li and she suggested Lupuraid, and scalp spray. I started the treatment, and it has made me feel so much better. I'm so grateful for Dr.Li, and I'm continuing my treatment. I highly recommend the Merry clinic. It is a true Blessing! Patricia, Florida

Patricia, Dec 2014*

My daughter was diagnoised with Lupus in December of 2013 she was only 14, she started out with a rash and swollen fingers, she was prescibed Hydroxychloriquine and Prednsoine. In February of 2014 things became worse she had a rare Bullous Lupus large blister all over her body, and somedays she couldn't even walk. Her face became so red it was almost purple all over, so They increased her predsoine to 40mg a day which caused weight gain and bloating and was also prescribed cellcept and dapsone, I was desperate to help her so I googled "someone please help my daugher has Lupus", and the Merry Clinic popped up. So we tried the Luparaid I am so happy to say it's been 3 months her energy has returned and and all the rash and redness were gone, she is able to go back to playing sports that she loves, softball and volleyball, so thankful we found Dr.Li and Merry clinic, Luparaid has helped her to get back to a normal teenage life!

Ginger, July 2014*

I was diagnosed with SLE Lupus in 2011 at the age of 22. The doctors put me on about 9 different medicines and nothing was working. Everything made me feel worse. I was having trouble with my eye site, my joints are always sore or stiff,it was hard for me to get out of bed in the mornings, my hair was starting to fall out, i always felt weak, and I would get rashes all over from the sun. My dad and I did a little research and I came across Merry Clinic. We ordered Lupuraid and I started them about a month ago, and I can honestly say they are starting to make me feel better.

Jessica, Sept 2013*

Dear MerryClinic! I wanted to thank you from bottom of my heart for help I am receiving since 2008 from your company in California.Your herb Lupuraid is amazing...I was able to get of of bed after 4 months when doctors could not help,they gave up on me...lung infections are gone,no blood in sputum,rushes are gone!May Lord Bless you all for help you are giving people who need attention.Sincerely

Ursula, Sept 2013*

I have been taking Luparaid and the skin Detox pills for about a month. I could start feeling the difference within the first week. I am now off the steroids and antiinflammitories I was on before, and I feel great. I am so surprised by the results. These natural pills work better than all the other drugs I was on. Thanks Merry Clinic!

Gina, July 2013*

I am 41yrs old and I have mild case of Lupus. I ordered Lupuraid about a month ago and I am very satified with the results. I feel so much better in my body. My energy level is much better. This herbal compound really works wonders.. I just ordered three more bottles.. My skin is clearing up and my complextion looks great. I would recommend any who suffers Lupus to try this herbal compound.

Tre, May 2013*

My 23 yr. old son has recently been diagnosed with lupus (devasting and extremely frightening) for all of us to say the least. I began research and devouring everything I could regarding lupus and various forms of treatment. As a family we have always preferred herbal products so that is where I began. I stumbled upon the merryclinic. I didn't just take what the site said for face falue. I searched high and low for negative responses, experiences and/or statements regarding the product Lupuraid...needless to say there were none. I even checked the better business bureau for the company as a whole. A+ rating. After all of this I decided to purchase the Lupuraid for my son. He has only been taking it for about 4 days now. Believe it or not he says he has a little more energy and is actually beginning to act like my son again. Now realize by month three we should see the most improvement. However I am now more optimistic as to his future of wellbeing. I will post again as I'm certain he will continue to improve.

Deborah, Dec 2012*

I have SLE since 2003 had 6 mini strokes and many more problems. The medicines they had me on destroyed a little of my hearing, eye sight, teeth. I decided to look for something different to take and get off these meds. that is destroying my body, and I fell onto this web site. Thank goodness I did. I have been taking your Luprid I think that is how you spell it, for 2 months now and never felt so good. I am off all meds. I can get up in the morning feeling great and I can go outside in the fresh air without feeling sick. I am able now to enjoy the outside and play although I am a big kid lol but I can enjoy life better then what I did before. Thanks Dr.Li. Lynette from Maryland

Lynette, Aug 2012*

I can't believe how blessed I was to find this website and this product. I have been taking it for about a month and am feeling so much better. I don't wake feeling sick and I am even able to do some housework. It is nothing short of a miracle. I want to tell everyone that has lupus to try this treatment, IT WORKS !! Thank you Merry Clinic, I'm getting my life back!

Cindy, July 2012*

This is my second testimony...I'm happy to report its been two and an half years using lupuraid and detox 6 pills 2 times a day and drinking aloe vera juice and calcium with D3,Flax Seed and Borage oils, cranberry pills, one teaspoon of olive oil, but NO MORE MEDICATIONS. I LOST 58LBS,I WALK A MILE 4 TIMES A WEEK AND MY SKIN IS BEAUTIFUL,MY HAIR IS MUCH THICKER AND I FEEL GREAT.I CHANGED MY DIET ,NO STRESS AND NO MORE HEADACHES,VERY LITTLE PAIN...THANKS DR.LI YOU ARE TRULY A GOD SENT ANGEL,I NOW LIVE AD PRAISE GOD EVERY DAY.MY TESTIMONY IS I ONCE WAS BED BOUND BUT NOW I'M WALKING IN 6"HEELS.....I DARE YOU TO TRY IT.....YOU'LL NEVER BE THE SAME.

Nevylon, Mar 2012*

My mother has had Lupus for more 20 years. taking prednisone and other bad drugs; recently, she had problems with her kidneys. The Doctor put her on a real bad medication; that was it! I found this great website with such a great information and, best of all, LUPURAID! thank you Dr, Merry Li. My mother is been taking LUPURAID for about 3 months, she cut down her prescription and feel so much better!

Randall, Mar 2012*

I have skin problems do to rash on face..I started taken the Lupuraid capsules a month ago...and I can say that I have seen some improvement on my face...the rash is not completely gone but..they are looking better...I will purchase more capsules....

G.G Atlanta, Mar 2012*

I was diagnosed with Subcutaneous Lupus primarily in my scalp, right after having a total hysterectomy. My body was fatigued, I had no energy and had very little hormones due to my surgical menopause. I started taking Lupuraid capsules and I saw an immediate change. Not only did I have more energy but I also slept through the night. I have my husband to thank for taking the time to find these supplements for me.

 Delores, Feb 2012*

I started your treatment on September 19th,  2011. Every 12 hours I was taking: 8 Lupuraid pills, 4 Biotae pills, 2 Arthraid pills, 2 Anti-Aging Formula pills. As I mentioned before in May 2011 I was diagnosed with SLE. I have not been taken any "official" medicine, I was prescribed to take (Dapson, Prednisone and Plaquenil) because I am afraid of the all side effects these medicine can cause. I found your website and was happy to try your treatment.

I can tell you right away that results are very good. I feel much better, rash and bumps, which I had all over my body are almost gone, I do not have any arthritis pain and swelling in my hands anymore, I am not loosing as much hair as I used to and I feel that my hair are thicker and i have more hair, I stopped having constant diarrhea, I used to have and I feel much better in general.

 Nelli, Jan 2012*

I was recently diagnosed with DLE Lupus. My dermatologist prescribed an ointment which was ineffective. I had dark spots on my nose and itchy raised rashes on my face. I had a rash on my left cheek that was spreading which had a growing scab which was horrendous. Out of desperation I did an online search for DLE treatments and THANK GOD I found the Merry Clinic site.  

I began taking Lupuraid on 10/7/11. By 10/21/11 I am thrilled to say the inflammation on my nose has decreased and the rashes on my face are no longer itching or spreading. I am also happy to say that I was able to remove the ugly scab from my cheek and am looking forward to the rashes being cleared completely. I called Dr. Li's office and was able to express my gratitude fro this product to her directly. She gave me additional instructions and informed me of a product that would help clear the dark spots on my face. I will be ordering that product as well.  

If you are reading this testimony and are skeptical about ordering Lupuraid, do your self a favor and order it You will not be disappointed!!!

Sharon, Oct, 2011*

Having discoid lupus is unbearable. I am taking the Skin Detox, Lupuraid, and EcDermaid. In two weeks my skin cleared up and itching all gone. What a relief! Merry clinic THANK-YOU. You did what prescriptions could not.

Josiane, Oct, 2011*

I have been on  Lupuraid supplement from Feb. and It is the amazing product for me for the past 3 months. My fever and mild rash was clam and in control. Also I just discover my energy level is back to 85%. It is quite impressive.   I remembered In Feb, doesn't take too long for my fever to calm and rash went away. In March.  I was feeling so much better. But energy level still low. Especially after I had conversation after 5 min either on the phone or in person I always feel like needs to lay down in bed. My energy was running out. In April till now, I was able to go to the Mall and restaurant to do the normal activities that I couldn't do it 3 months ago. My energy level is back.

Anita, Apr, 2011*

I've been diagnosed with Discoid Lupus, irritation of the skin on forehead, behind my ears and scalp. Severe itching. Numerous blood tests, all perfect, still my autoimmune system is over reacting. The dermatologist I had seen recommended plaquinol which I refused to take since will metabolize on my liver and affect my vision. I took Lupuraid for a month, saw some progress so i ordered supplies again.

Eugene, Oct, 2010*

I am so glad Dr. Li was able to create these products.  I have discord lupus on my scalp.  My scalp itches a lot constantly and I have red, sore areas and I have hair loss in patches. The Lupuraid is the only product I have ever used that actually stops my scalp from itching and calms down the red, sore areas on my scalp.  I've also used the Biotae Hair Booster Formula.  I've now got hair beginning to grow again! It's a miracle.  I don't know what secret Dr. Li has for her formulas but she understands what my condition needs for healing. I'm so very grateful that I found her website because nothing else has worked for me but this! Thank you Dr. Li!

Linna, Sept, 2010*


Misty -- Feb, 2010*


Nevylon -- Jan, 2010

Last week I called your clinic to ask for help regarding the dosage and continued usage of your wonderful product Lupuraid.  On June 6th I was given the diagnosis of Lupus and was in horrible pain.  Upon researching the internet, I found your product and immediately ordered it.  I began a juice fast of beet, celery, carrot and cabbage juice for 24 hours. My pain level was cut almost in half.  Several days later Lupuraid arrived and I began a daily regiment of 15 capsules a day, along with daily juicing, and a diet of many restrictions but many fruits and vegetables, nuts, wild caught fish and organic feed chicken, only purified water and herbal tea.  Today July 21st, I was pain-free.  I have returned to teaching aquasize at the local YMCA but continue my diet and your Lupuraid.  I am certain I would not be functioning at such a normal level if I had not used your product. I am not scheduled to see my rheumatologist for several more weeks.  He had wanted to put me on prednisone but I am so happy to have not taken that course of treatment.  Thank you for speaking with me here in New Jersey.

Pamela -- Jul 2009

Hi Dr. Li! I want to let you know that I've just come back from the rheumatologist for the result of my blood and urine test which came out negative, He said that my liver and my kidney are in good condition, no longer have protein or blood in my urine.
Before going for this last test I was taking Lupuraid Capsules for about a month and a half.

Jose -- Apr 2009

I've noticed that my wrists, ankles, feet, and abdomen are shrinking, de-swelling. I'm losing weight and getting hungrier. I believe my system is now waking up and starting to work properly. I've been feeling my organs getting cooler, especially my liver, so far. My kidneys have been hurting a little but I believe they are starting to heal, too, and that that is why. They are waking up. I would love it if you know of anyone who had the symptoms I have, the lupus and tinnitus, that would share his information with me about his healing process and how he felt afterwards.  Thank you.

Kathy -- March 2009

I've had Lupus for several years. I took your Lupuraid (16 capsules daily) with the Art raid (4 capsules daily) as you recommended and last week I went back to have some blood work done and thank God, I tested negative for Lupus!
I am currently taking the Art raid for my severe Rheumatoid Arth. (4 capsules daily) and am still in a lot of pain. I am also taking the Skin detox (4 daily) and the Anti aging (4 daily) for my cholesterol and diabetes.

Mariana -- Aug 2008

I feel like I have had the problem since about 8 or 10 years old and the fatigue is the worst thing about it. I have not worked in the last 8 years and I am only 57 now. I have always had to work the 20 hours a day type job and I can no longer do that. I also have high blood pressure which keeps me from driving over the road. I will say since being on the Lupuraid it has dropped from 200/120 to 160 over 100. It has only been a month so I am tickled...

James, from Michigan

My wife was lucky to receive help from you for her Lupus. The medication I purchased from you really works.

It took about one month for her to realize benefits. She has less pain in her joints and no pneumonias. We hope the brain, heart and kidneys will improve soon. Thank you from my wife and myself.

     Joe, from Canada

I stumbled upon your website a month ago.  After consulting with Dr. Li over the phone, I began to take Lupuraid capsules. I felt the difference one week later!  Now my fever is gone and most of the skin rashes have cleared up. I feel more energetic now. It is amazing!

Anita, from New York


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