Biotae Hair Booster Tablet by Merry Clinic


Biotae Hair Booster Tablet is a 100% natural Chinese herbal formula, which has been specially designed to treat hair loss and alopecia. It stimulates new hair growth for both men and women. It has proven to be effective in controlling hair loss and promoting new hair growth in a large number of our patients in Merry Clinic over past 25 years.

Most people may experience a certain degree of hair loss in their life. Stress, hormone changes and age will cause thinning hair while some genetic conditions and medical treatments can result in hair loss or baldness. Whether you have thinning hair or already have extreme loss of hair (alopecia), Biotae products will demonstrate significant improvements.

Biotae Hair Booster tablet can help restore the hormonal balance and strengthen the liver and kidneys where your basic energy is produced. While treating your hair loss, you may experience an increase in energy level and sex drive. It also improves your general health.


For adults, take 4 tablets, twice daily, preferably with a meal.


Oriental arborvitae leaf and branch tip (Biotae cacumen), fo-ti root tuber, white mulberry fruit, rehmannia cured root tuber, chinese dodder seed, ligustrum fruit, eclipta aboveground parts, chinese salvia root and rhizome, tribulus fruit, bai-zhu atractylodes rhizome, poria sclerotium, dong quai root.


Because herbal medicine takes time to heal the root cause of your skin condition, we strongly recommend taking the herbal medicine for at least one month. This will allow enough time to show the desired effect.

With this in mind, we have provided 2 convenient discount packages below.

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