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I have been dealing with melasma for a little over a year now. It started on my forehead and recently I noticed small patch forming on my cheeks. Desperate to get rid of this, I seriously tried everything. From Rodans and Fields Reverse to Obaji skincare line, hydroquinone up to 4% prescribed by my dermatologist and none of that worked. I even did Spectra laser a few times on just the melasma spot, which helped but as soon as I stopped it came right back. Paying $300.00 per month for Spectra was not reasonable anymore. I have spent countless hours on research and a lot of money to get this melasma under control or gone. 3 weeks ago I came across Merry Clinic's website and learning that melasma is internal, the MelasmaRF caught my interest. I was willing to try one last thing and honestly expected it to not work since nothing else has. I have been on the pills for 2 weeks and the Derma lightening creme once per day, which has 2% hydroquinone (less than I have tried previously) but it is working like magic. I was told it could take 6 to 8 weeks to see improvement, but I am already amazed. If you are frustrated like I was and about to give up, don't be and do yourself a favor and try this. If you have tried nothing before and are lucky enough to have heard about this before wasting your money on other stuff, then don't question this purchase and try this now. I am so thankful to MerryClinic for understanding melasma and how to heal it internally. I will tell everyone I come across with Melasma about your products! What a true blessing!
Posted by Kristen
I've had somethings like freckles since 2011, I've tried every cream over the counter I've seen dermatologist that gave me prescription creams nothing helped they advise me to have laser but I didn't because I think it was going to get worse. I started getting bigger patches on my face and no prescription creams are helping my face is getting worse daily,I got this website from a coworker so I got the melasma capsules and cream it's only 5 days since I started using it so I'm going to write a review as soon as I see how it's working for me
Posted by Ann 
I am Indian lady .i suffered from melasma on cheeks and forehead. Then I heard about Melasma RF tablets.I already consumed 3 bottles and my 70% melasma gone .now I am going to give the order for the next pack This is really AMAZING product. Thank u Dr Li.
Posted by Mamta 

I have used the Melasma RF pills for 3+ months and am seeing a reduction and softening of the dark patches on my cheekbones. I will continue to use the product. I am very appreciative of Dr Li's advice and the prompt replies she provides.
Posted by anonymous 

I began taking this product on January 2nd so probably haven't been using it long enough to see any physical improvements yet - I plan to give it another 2 months. I can say that my mood has improved and seems much more balanced. I've been suffering from gradually worsening melasma for the past ten years - at this point it's the worst it's ever been. I have spent thousands of dollars and who knows how much time and energy researching, obsessing and trying everything I can find to get my skin back to the way it used to be.
Posted by Maria 

My name is Arlene, and I experienced melasma in May of 2012. I was on line a few months ago, and saw the Merry Clinic web site, and although I'm not 100%, I have to say what a difference. I'm very grateful to Dr. Li, because not only does she have the products that helped me, she is always available to answer all my questions. Dr. Li recommded the MelasmaRF vitamins, and the cleansers. I used the cleansers for a month and a half, and have been used the RFMelasma since. I buy them three at a time. I would say I have been using them since October or November of 2014. It has made a difference, I still take them, and they also help to control my hormones. I feel more at ease. I'm very happy. I also purchased the lightening face cream with 2% Hydroquinone, which has helped as well. I want to thank Dr. Li for being there for me, and putting together these great products.
Posted by Arlene 

I am 50 years old. My sister noticed the patchy brown spots on my face a year ago. I ignored it at the time until sometimes in December 2014 that I noticed the spots are darker on my face. I went to see my doctor and dermatologist in February 2015. My dermatologist told me I have melasma and required laser treatment. There are no other options for it. I researched online and found out laser might make the melasma worsen. So I researched online and found Merry Clinic with lots of good and positive reviews. Therefore, I purchased 3 bottles of MelasmaRF and 2 Intensive lightening creams. I started my treatment on May 9, 2015. I noticed it got lighter today. I will continue with the treatment for another month as directed by Merry Clinic staff on May 29, 2015. I will post in a month for the progress of the treatment. Thanks Merry Clinic!
Posted by Shirley 

Knowing that my hyperpigmentation has been decrease, I was trying to experiment the old remedy with the new one to speed up the process of lightening the pigment. I used at night as mask for the following: some tumeric powder mixed with lemon juice and applied on my face for 30 minutes. After that I used apple cider diluted with water in ratio 1:2 as toner and to lightening the yellow color residue from the tumeric mixture. I then, apply a lightening cream left over from a dermatologist for overnight that did not improve my melasma before. I used the sunscreen during the day even if I did not go outside because Texas sun is murderous not just dangerous; and note that also, this never work/help before I took the regiment. I have been doing this experiment for the last three weeks along with my regiment from Merry Clinic and the result was very astounding. I haven't seen my face this clear and clean in the last 5 years plus.
Posted by Vine 

I am reordering 4 containers of Melasma RF. At first, I ordered 3 containers, it lasts about a month and a week. I still have plenty of lightening cream left and I don't think I need to reorder any of the acneed pills so I am down to 12 pills a day instead of 24,.. Yay! I am hopeful about this treatment, I am going to stick with it for at least 3 months. After 3 months, if I see some good results, I will keep going. If I don't see any significant improvement, I will stop. If it's gone after 3 months, then great! I will update in 2 months. Thank you and good luck!
Posted by anonymous 

For many years I've had a problem with Melasma on my face. I noticed one day dark spots were appearing on both my cheeks. As time went by, the spots were getting darker and very noticeable which was very embarrassing. I tried many over the counter products and saw dermatologist over the years but no luck in finding something that would help my dark spots disappear. After much searching I finally found Dr. Li's Merry Clinic. I followed Dr. Li's recommendation and started using the MelasmaRF capsules along with Dermova Lighting Cream. It's been almost two months and my dark spots have not only lightened tremendously but are disappearing completely!!!! Thank you Dr. Li your AMAZING!!!!!
Posted by Yolanda 

I had Melasma for over 5 years with dark blotches covering almost my entire face; forehead, cheeks, upper lip and above my eyebrows. I have tried dozens of remedies spending thousands of dollars without any success. I could not go without using heavy concealer and makeup even when at home because my skin was so unattractive. A month ago I stumbled upon Merry Clinic on the internet and reluctantly decided to try their product. To my amazement and DELIGHT, the dark patches on my cheeks are almost completely gone and those on the other areas of my face are fading. I am sorry I did not take a photograph of my face before using this product. However, I can say this is the best and safest product on the market for the treatment of Melasma. Thank you Dr. Li for bringing back my self-confidence.
Posted by Paulette Morrison 

Read the review on Merry Clinic website and decided to try the product Melasma RF & DM Light Cream. I just got it in the mail today 1/18/15. I will take a before picture of my face and share my story with you a month later. Then you can get a real testimony and decide for yourself if it really works. I give it four stars for quick delivery.
Posted by Tonya 



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