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What is Hives?

Hives, medically known as urticaria, is an outbreak of swollen, red or pale red itchy bumps or wheals on the skin that appear suddenly. It can disappear in one place and reappear in other places. It can last for a few hours, or up to 24 hours before fading. Hives can occur anywhere on the body, such as the trunk, arms, legs, and palms.

Hives is produced by histamine released from skin mast cell. Histamine causes fluid to leak from the local blood vessels, leading to swelling in the skin. When people's immune system gets down, some allergen such as food, insect bites, medicine, sun exposure, even stress could trigger the histamine release. If this reaction is limited to small areas of the skin, it is called "urticaria"; If it is involve to large areas of the body, is called "angioedema".

In Chinese medical healing philosophy, we think the histamine can transfer to the toxins and show up to your skin to cause hives. Therefore, our herbal treatment is designed to improve your immune system, and clear up the toxins inside your body. It is to treat the root without any side effect.*

We understand that there are about 80% people with hives are chronic, who have to rely on the anti-histamine medicine, even prednisone every single day. We are here to help you clear up the hives with natural treatment and quit those medications eventually.

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Primary Treatment Products


EcDermaid CapsuleEcDermaid Capsule is an herbal treatment for hives. This unique herbal formula is designed by Dr. Li for all type of hives. It has been used in her clinic by over twenty thousand people in the last 18 years. About 90% of her patients have been relieved by the herbal treatment. EcDermaid Capsule contains sixteen different natural herbs.


Ecdermaid Capsule Directions:
For adults with mild to moderate hives, take 6 to 8 capsules, twice daily; For adults with moderate to severe hives, take 8 to 10 capsules, twice daily. It is preferable to take the capsules with a meal.

Supplementary Treatment Products

Skin Detox Formula:Detoxification is essential for people with skin disorders. The liver is the major organ involved in many processes of detoxification including the removal of toxins from our blood. The lungs bring the oxygen to the body and convert it to energy for the cells. The digestive system absorbs nutrients into the circulatory system to nourish the tissues and cells. Proper balance and function of the liver, lungs, and digestive system maintains a healthy body, thus your skin can greatly benefit from detoxification.




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