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I am VERY HAPPY with my results so far!! I have been taking the ACNEED capsules for 2 months now and my Rosacea has improved by 80%!! I am still on the treatment and hoping for 100% improvement soon. This is a miracle in a bottle for me. I feel so gosh darn happy I could cry! I was at an absolute brick wall with this horrible skin condition, but now my confidence is back and I can look in the mirror and actually feel cute again. I would check my face in the mirror every where I went hoping that it was just bad lighting and that the Rosacea really didn't look that bad, however, the mirror never lied and every one in every light told me the awful truth. Imagine working in the front office of a busy medical practice looking like someone took an ice pick to your face! But now I darn near glow! The peeling is nearly gone and fresh glowing skin is taking over!! Thank you Thank you Merry Clinic!!!!!!!!!!!!

--Tracy, *

I had a bad breakout of Rosacea about 3 months ago, all over my face. I tried many topical remedies, including the antibiotics prescribed by my doctor. But the antibiotics seemed to just make my skin even more sensitive, and nothing else seemed to make much of a difference. But when I heard about Merry Clinic's oral herbal remedy, I was really hopeful. And sure enough, by taking Acneed along with the dietary restrictions recommended by Dr. Li, my rosacea cleared up completely in 2 weeks! I'm definitely ordering more as backup, in case I get another breakout. Thank you Merry Clinic!

--NIck, *

I am excited to write this! I know I may be atypical because I am vegan and have already a very clean, responsive system, but I did see changes for the better in my Rosacea on my nose and in my eye( Ocular Rosacea ) within the first 24-48 hours of taking the Acneed. I didn't believe it at first but it just kept getting better by the hour. The capsules did not upset my stomach or sleep. In fact, I think I slept better because the awful hot flashing at night stopped too-coincidence? I don't think so! I took 8 at a time on an empty stomach twice a day first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon with plenty of water plus more water later in the day. I felt better.I think its the caps that have cleared up my eye after months and months of weeping and itchy redness. And my bright red weepy bloody swollen nose is normal size and the awful blisters, weeping, scabbing and peeling are nearly all gone after one bottle of Acneed. I ordered more on a Friday and they were here by Monday! And I had an online consultation with Dr. Li who answered my email the same day! What great service! I am so happy to have found Merry Clinic after a very baffling time with Rosacea coming on and off for the last decade with no relief from anything I tried. Finally I think its going to clear up for good. I'm so grateful to Dr. Li and her talented and efficient staff. Thanks esp to Teresa who answered my call and took my order for more Acneed. She encouraged me to do the online consultation with Dr. Li. I'm so glad I did. Thank you Dr. Li! What a relief to be able to leave my house again without embarrassment. And to feel better all over too. M K

--Marcia, *

I had great success with the Acneed Capsules. I am in my mid- 30s, and have had problems with acne on my face since I was a teenager. I have had no relief from any other products that I have tried, including prescription medication from my dermatologist, and even Proactive. My sister gifted my 3 bottles of Acneed capsules. I did not really think that it would help, as I had no success with other products previously. I followed the recommended instructions for the past few months. To my surprise, my face cleared up after a few weeks of taking the capsules consistently. I would highly recommend this product to clear acne problems. Thank you.

--Kim, *

I had tried Acneed pills one and a half years ago. It took 2 bottles to rid of the rosacea. I noticed results within a week. I had to go back on it 2 other times every few months when it came back. I was good for 6 months and the flushing and redness came again on my face. This time, I noticed a difference within 3 days of taking the Acneed pills. My skin became nice and smooth again. Flushing and redness disappeared. I only finished taking one bottle and now I am fine again. I find that I have to stay on these pills 3 times a year. That works fine for me! This herbal remedy works. I hope you will always stay in business because nothing else I've tried in the past has worked for me. Also, the rosacea cream also reduced the small pimples.

--Kim, *

I had rosacea and acne for years. My face would flush on a daily basis, often with a burning sensation. For months at a time there would not be a single day my face would not flush completely red. I went to several dermatologists, with no success. I even tried laser surgery. The redness along with all the other symptoms came right back. I admit I was skeptical when I saw merry clinic's website and reading reviews just like the one I am posting now, but I am so happy I gave it a try. Since the very FIRST day of using these products, my face has not flushed once! I am just starting my second month, and the redness is gone and the skin is smoother. I used to have these big "indentations" -- they too have dramatically disappeared. I've been using the aceneed herbs and cream, the skin detox pills, and the rosacea cream, which I used for most of the first month. I also used the facial mask once a week. I can't be sure what did it, or maybe it was all of it combined, but these products are amazing. They are obviously the real CURE for the underlying problem.

--Eric, *

Dr. Li, Thank you for your wonderful products! I had a terrible flare up with rosacea. My face was irritated, dry, flaky, red, it was not looking well at all. I kept using the finacea that my dermatologist prescribed, but to no avail. It wasn't helping. I had bumps all over my face, it was horrible! Since I had used Acneed in the past and had wonderful results, I decided to go on your website and try it again. It took 6 bottles but my skin has cleared up completely and the redness has dissapated tremondously! I also took the skin detox and used the Rosacea cream as well. I was determined to be agressive with this and it worked! Yes indeed, my skin looks and feels wonderful! I am so glad that I was able to get healing for my skin the natural way. For anyone who is thinking about getting this product and they're still not sure whether or not to buy it. I would advise you that this product is great. Stick with it because it works! My next step, had I not used Acneed and skin detox, would have been to get Laser treatments. I really didn't want to take that route. I truly believe that healing comes from within. I would recommend this product to anyone who is suffering from Rosacea. Last but not least, I have avoided caffeine and the other foods Dr. Li advises to stay away from.

--Maria, *

I was skeptical, but desperate! When I found Merry Clinic on the internet, I pushed the button. I had already been to the Dermatologist and tried several creams, but nothing was helping the red dots that were appearing every weekend on my otherwise very nice complexion. I am now taking the Acneed and using the facial cream. I can't believe how much it has helped. I haven't won the war yet, but there has been a huge difference!! I am about the push the button again for my second order!

--Rachel, *

I wanted to try a natural way rather than antibiotics to rid myself of Rosacea. It took the one round of facial cream, sea salt soap and 2 rounds of Acneed (6 bottles), but it completely cured the redness and the "pimples". I have not had a break out in 2 months. I still use the facial cream and soap. I am ordering another 3 bottles of Acneed,just to be safe. THANK YOU, Dr. Li!

--Lauren, *

I have had Roseacea for over 15 years and in the last 3 years I had tiny pustules on my face that no matter what I tried, nothing would work. The medications the dermatologist recommended did absolutely nothing to reduce the redness in my nose area either. I tried Acneed and in a month it was completely cleared up! It stayed gone for several months but I recently had a flare up ( too much chocolate over the holidays) and so I just ordered another bottle. I am pleased with this product!

--Lori, *

I had a severe rosacea breakout about 9 months ago.I came across this product online .Since it was all natural I decided to try it. By cutting back on sugar, spices and taking acneed there has been significant improvement. It has taken 6 months to get it under control. I still do experience some breakout but not as much. I am now going to try the detox pills. Make sure to apply sunscreen. Use the one for babies available at CVS.

--Dee, *

I have had rosacea for years. Within the past five years it has become significantly worse. Postules were starting to form and my eyes were becoming affected. I had tried several different types of prescription medication, including antibiotics which I never felt comfortable taking. Two years ago I found your product on the internet and began using the rosacea cream. I stopped using any other medications. My skin cleared up and has remained free of any major flare-ups since I started using it. I ran out of the cream last month, and within weeks the postules returned. Needless to say I have placed an order for more rosacea cream. This has become my treatment of choice.

--Betty, *

Several years ago, I experienced a particularly nasty episode of rosacea. I had tried drug store remedies without success and had become very self-conscious of the redness and bumps across my nose and cheeks. After an internet search, I found Merry Clinic and ordered the Acneed Capsules and Rosacea Facial Cream. It worked beautifully! My rosacea cleared up within a couple of weeks! I haven't experienced another severe flare-up since, but if I do, I will definitely order more of the capsules and cream. Thank you!

--Donna, *

Ten months ago I went to the dermatologist for a routine visit and asked for a topical solution to help with the small bumps I would get on my chin once a month. I had beautiful skin, but suffered from small bumps on my chin during my menstrual cycle. I have seen six doctors/nurses in this practice and each gives me a different answer when I ask about whether or not I also have rosacea. The nurse I saw during this visit said I had rosacea and prescribed me a Retin-A product even though I told her I had a horrible reaction to the product in the past and even though it wasn't recommended for rosacea patients. I was promised I would not have a reaction and proceeded to use the product against my better judgment. Needless to say, it led to a severe allergic reaction and has resulted in my being on 4 antibiotics, three topical steroids, and four weeks of Blu-U treatments over the last 8-9 months. The medicines caused me to gain 30 pounds and my hair started to shed. I also spent roughly $3,000 on the meds, treatments, and skin care products the doctors (I've seen several DIFFERENT doctors now) had me try during this time. The steroid gel was prescribed to me for too long and further destroyed my skin. Once I stopped everything, my skin literally felt like sandpaper and retained zero moisture. It broke out horribly in a blister like rash. It itched horribly and tiny bumps developed all over my face. The Blu-U treatments helped for a short time, but the little rashy bumps came back. The doctor didn't know what else to try so I researched my own solution.

THANK YOU Acneed! In only three days the rash went away and the bumps were gone. The redness has faded and I am only on week two. My face is retaining moisture and no longer peels/flakes. I almost look normal and can now focus on the slight marking left by the rashes. I am now confident enough to go without make-up. I use absolutely NO medical products on my face now. I only wash once a day with Cetaphil and use a silver-based natural healing gel as a moisturizer. The rosacea symptoms have disappeared. I have not followed the diet restrictions with this product thus far but I am also going to follow an elimination diet from this point on. All of the meds over the last year have resulted in the desire for an all natural lifestyle. Again, thank you!

--Jessica, *

My name is Shannon I'm 38 years old. I've suffered form oily skin and pimples and sensitive skin since my preteens. Once I hit my late 20's I came down with rosacea. I have the small broken vessles, the red and white bumps, the angiomas, large pores, flakey patches you name it! To me my skin looked terrible! I started using the Acneed capsules 8-8-13 I've completed my first bottle and am on my 2nd It's only been about 10 days! I can honestly tell you I am seeing MUCH smoother, even toned skin! I was Seeing a difference in just the first few days, that I went on to purhase the mineral soap, the soothing masque and facial cream. Those products are IMPROVING My Skin MORE! Now I have ordered more Acneed pills and the Detox pills! And I'm gonna have my husband start on repairing his scars for old acne! Thank you Merry Clinic! You have changed my life! The products aren't cheap but neither is the dermatologist! This stuff is the real deal and like it states no side effects! You can over wash, I have done that myself. You just get so excited that it's working and you want it faster! Slow and easy! I'd advise the moisturizer and the Acneed cream for sure if nothing else to go with your Acneed capsules! I haven't even changed my diet to speak of and I'm still seeing AWESOME results! Good Luck to all and Thanks so much again to the Merry clinic!!! :) Shannon in AZ.

--Shannon, *

I've found that taking the acneed capsules in connection with using the dead sea mineral soap twice a day makes a huge difference to my skin. My skin feels so much better after washing with the soap. I've seen a huge difference in my skin since I starting using Merry Clinic products. I've used almost everything known to man and Merry Clinic products have been the only thing to work for me. Very happy with these products.

--Connor, *

I am so very pleased that I, too, found the MerryClinic website and purchased the Acneed capsules. I have been taking them faithfully for 6 months. It has taken this amount of time for me to be able to say that my rosacea is really under control. No more breakouts, redness or burning sensation. I exercise a lot and in doing so, the heat and perspiration would always irritate my skin and I would, of course, breakout, turn red, my skin would have that burning sensation, and I would be generally uncomfortable. Now, after many, many years of adverse reactions, I can finally exercise as hard as I want. To me this is a Godsend. I finally have my life back. People that don't have rosacea don't understand the physical and emotional discomfort that we go through. It is not just what rosacea does to your appearance; you also lose your self- confidence, and because it can be such an emotional drain, your physical health can also suffer. In my case, it seemed to consume all of my waking thoughts. I had to change my way of life and I felt like I lost myself in the process. Now, thanks to the MerryClinic and Acneed, I have "me" back and I couldn't be happier. I also use Finacea. However, alone, it does not keep my skin from breaking out, but it does help with the redness. At my last appointment with my dermatologist, she admired my complexion and asked me what I was doing. I told her about MerryClinic and Acneed and showed her the website. She said she couldn't recommend particular products like these but would definitely pass this information on to her other rosacea and acne patients. She was even interested in some of the other categories of natural products. My skin is and always will be very sensitive. I can live with that as I now feel I have more control over my appearance. Thank you for literally giving me my life back.

--Jan, *

I was skeptical with your product for Rosacea but gave it a try. I have mild to moderate Rosacea. In one week, it's 80 % gone. I only have the small pimple now and occasionally and slightly pink cheek. I don't have anymore of the heavy flushing in my face, just occasional mild flushing. I think your product really works. I'm glad there is no toxic chemicals in your creams either. That is very important to me. Thank you.

--Kim, *

I went throught total hell with a horrid skin condition all over my face with the forehead area being the worst part. I never heard of rosacea and this was before it was on tv commercials or common like it seems to be now. My forehead area would swell horribly. I felt and looked like a monster. I would beg God to please show me what was wrong.... I decided to find a DR. who knew ALOT about rosacea. But no succes. When I went to the Dr. I TOLD HIM I have rosacea and I want minocycline and metro cream. He gave me the prescriptions. That didn\'t help. Acneed Capsule from merry clinic worked for me! Yet today no one would ever say I had very bad skin. I am amazed like in just 2 months all the pimples went away ! I contiue to eat the best I can. I do drink coffee again. There are times when I feel like I\'m overheating inside and notice that is when I get that rosacea feeling and when that happens I stay off coffee and make sure I eat extra healthy and drink lots of distilled water. It was the worst years I ever went through and I hope my story can help someone get clear skin like I have now. Thank you Merry Clinic !!!!!

--Cristina, *

I have had rosacea for most of my adult life. I started the Acneed pills and the facial cream a month ago. So for now I'm happy that the red bumps on my nose are starting to disappear. I know it takes time but I'm already seeing good results. Just make sure you put sunscreen on your face when you are out in the sun. I have tried different products and even went to a skin doctor that gave me a cortisone shot in a red spot by my month that didn't help at all. He did take a biopsy to make sure it wasn't cancerous, which it wasn't but did leave a nice scar. I'm so happy that I came across Merryclinic on the internet. Thank you Dr.Li...

--Sandy, *

I'm 59 and had my first rosacea outbreak 18 months ago. At first I thought it was acne. Dermatologist tried me on several oral and topical treatments. My pustules would improve for a few days and then flare up. The redness never cleared. Within one week of starting the acneed capsules all my pustules are gone and my skin is the clearest it's been in 18 months. My fingernails are growing like crazy. Triggers for me are red wine, spicy foods and wind. Highly recommend this product. Thank you Dr. Li!!!!

--Dee, *

I have rosacea for about 4 years and I was on all kinds of cleansing diets which helped a lot plus yoga helped too. I was always hoping to find something new for this unknown symptom. As I was looking on the internet one day I found new info about this new company that developed some new natural way to totally get rid of rosacea I found Merry Clinic. At first I wasn't to sure if I should try it, but I decided to buy only one bottle of  Acneed to try, I am currently on my second bottle and my face looks great already. I will continue to take the Acneed until I will be completely rid of rosacea. Thank you for this great herbal mix of miracle.


My experience with Acneed has been very positive. I have been struggling with Acne Rosacea for 6 months, treating it with a long list of prescriptions that include metronidazole, doxycycline, sulfer cream, sulfer wash, finacea, tretinoin, and glytone to no avail.  Despite these treatments I was still getting bumps on my cheeks and forehead.  Exasperated and desperate, I decided to try Acneed as a last resort. I really didn't believe the claims but I was willing to try anything, hoping for an improvement.  I couldn't believe it when after about a week of taking Acneed, the bumps were greatly improved and the redness went away. I plan on continuing with Acneed, and hopefully, will remove the other prescribed treatments eventually.  I truly believe that treating rosacea from the inside, rather than topically, is the best and healthiest approach to clear skin.


My Rosacea has cleared up so much since I began taking the Acneed Capsules, the Facial Cream,the mineral soap and the skin detox. I am very pleased by the results. The redness has gone away. My husband has even commented on how the products have worked and how much better my face looks. Thank you for making a product that works to heal.


I was diagnosed with Rosacea about two years ago. When I went to my dermatologist, he prescribed me some heavy duty topical solution. I have to say that it never really worked. It may have made the Rosacea a little better, but it was still there. After using this cream for about two months, I started getting Rosacea around my eyes. My dermatologist then prescribed a serious antibiotic that I needed to take each day. After nausea and painful sun exposure (not to mention my Rocacea was sill there!), I decided it was time for good old mother nature. I began to do a goolge search and came across the Merry Clinic. Considering not much else could be any worse than what I was already doing, I decided to give the Merry Clinic a try. Not only did the Merry Clinic work, but it kept my Rosacea away for a very long time. I did not enjoy taking 16 horse pills a day, but it worked. When I weighed which was more painful, the Rosacea took the gold. I only had to take the pills for about 3-5 months and my Rosacea stayed away for about 7 months thereafter. I will never use any other product! Thanks Merry Clinic. I can't wait to see what your anti-aging products do. Keep it coming.


I am finally sitting down and writing about this wonderful product line. After struggling with rosecea for years I came upon Merry Clinic and started using the Dermova products. Over the course of several months, my face cleared up and now I rarely have any break outs. Believe me when I tell you that I damaged my skin badly with too much sun, and all sorts of treatments that my Dr. said led to my rosesea. I feel like this gave my skin \"rest and balance\" and let it heal. The bio-peptide cream is AWESOME!!! I get complements regularly from friends and customers who come to our store who tell me I have beautiful skin. Now that is a miracle.


I started taking Acneed about one month ago for Vascular Rosacea. I was not about to go to the dermatologist to be put on long term antibiotics! I ordered the pills and prayed that they would help me look and feel better. Within 10 mins of taking the pills the tingling and heat in my nose went away!! I could not believe the instant results. Since I've been taking the pills, my nose hardly ever swells and turns red anymore and if it does, it goes away pretty quickly. A side benefit is that my sensitive, acne-prone skin has really cleared up! My face feels so much more smooth and less oily. I am a believer for sure!!


Kelly, from NY, 

Denis, from Santa Teresa, 


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