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My entire teenage years, I suffered from terrible acne. I thought I would grow out of it, but it just kept getting worse as I got older. I took every pill my doctor prescribed and every cream, face wash, and lotion that fought against acne in existence, and nothing seemed to work. On the brink of hopelessness, a friend told me about the Acneed pills from Merry Clinic, and I figured since I had tried everything else, I had nothing to lose. I've been on the pills for nearly half a year now and they work amazing! After all those years of embarrassment and wanting to hide my face from the world, I've never been so confident in my skin. Of course, I still get the occasional breakout, but they're never nearly as bad and they go away quicker. I'm also getting married at the end of the year, so these pills will ensure I'm looking great when I walk down the aisle. Thanks Merry Clinic! You literally changed my life! *


I had great success with the Acneed Capsules. I am in my mid- 30s, and have had problems with acne on my face since I was a teenager. I have had no relief from any other products that I have tried, including prescription medication from my dermatologist, and even Proactive. My sister gifted my 3 bottles of Acneed capsules. I did not really think that it would help, as I had no success with other products previously. I followed the recommended instructions for the past few months. To my surprise, my face cleared up after a few weeks of taking the capsules consistently. I would highly recommend this product to clear acne problems. Thank you. *


I've had acne all my teen life and use creams that Dr's prescribed. It works but always come back when I stop using the creams. After a few years and one day it just doesn't work anymore. My mom uses your Acneed for her Rosecea and suggests I try it to see if it works for me. I've been taking the Acneed for a week now and notice that my face is staring to clear. I hope it keeps working because my face looks so nice now. I think your product is great. Thank you. *


My son is having a very bad acne problem. We tried so many different creams, medications, all didn't work at all. Proactive worked for him at the beginning, then pimples came back, and became worse. When I saw the ad about merry clinic's Acneed, I emailed Dr. Li, and she replied to me very quickly with detailed explainatons how the Acneed works, so I decided to give it a try, now I'm glad I did, my son's face is getting so much better. Thank you very much!!! Linda Pleasanton. *


My mom had bought me these pills in December. I started taking them right away. About a month later, we started seeing incredible results. My acne started to become less and less. Before these herbal pills, I had very bad acne. But thanks to Merry Clinic and their amazing herbal pills, I don't have to worry as much now about my skin. *


Hello, Thank you so much for the amazing products! My wife was suffering from severe acne. She started having acne soon after getting married a year back. She never had acne before and a sudden severe acne problem was a nightmare for her. We heard about Merry clinic through a friend and purchased the medicines online. They worked like a charm. Before this, she was taking Minocyclin anti biotics for more than 2 months but acne never completely stopped. We were also concerned about long term side effects by taking Minocyclin for long. Thank you again! Now I am planning to buy medicines for psoriasis and arthritis for my mother and father-in-law in future. Hopefully they work as well. I felt you should reach out to more people who are in need of a treatment by creating a page on Facebook as I was not aware of Merry Clinic until my friend suggested me. Thanks! *


I have had Acne for more than 40 years, since age 10 or so. I have used every pharmaceutical product out there with limited success and all kinds of side effects. My skin has improved so much with acneed, my skin is clearing and the overall tone and quality is better as well. I am amazed and so happy to have a product that works without side effects. My teenage daughter is using it with very good results as well. *


I started taking Acneed about one month ago for Vascular Rosacea. I was not about to go to the dermatologist to be put on long term antibiotics! I ordered the pills and prayed that they would help me look and feel better. Within 10 mins of taking the pills the tingling and heat in my nose went away!! I could not believe the instant results. Since I've been taking the pills, my nose hardly ever swells and turns red anymore and if it does, it goes away pretty quickly. A side benefit is that my sensitive, acne-prone skin has really cleared up! My face feels so much more smooth and less oily. I am a believer for sure!! *


I have had problems with my acne since I was in high school. I have tried everything in the book from antibiotics, both topical and oral as well as over-the-counter and home remedies. After taking Acneed for one month, I have noticed a huge change in my acne. The one thing that I love about Acneed is not only the fact that it is natural, but that there are no side effects. I was really skeptical at first but my skin really did just clear up. I am so excited to see what my face will look like in the next couple of weeks. Thanks Dr. Li!!!


I first consulted Dr. Li for my rosacea in 2006. After taking the Acneed pills for a year, my skin calmed down completely, and I do not require further meds. Fast forward to 2011, I knew I could turn to Dr. Li for advice when my 14 year-old son started to break out in acne. Although he is still taking the Acneed pills, his skin, esp. his forehead, has cleared considerably. Thanks to Dr. Li and Merry Clinic, this teenager feels better about his looks. In fact, he reminds me to re-order when his pills are about to run out.

--Jane & Mark, Florida, 

I have a son who is 18 and had a very bad acne on his face, back and shoulders. We tryed antibiotics with high dosages, and a lot of blood testing, nothing seemed to work. After using acneed for 1 month and half, I see all of them coming out and the back has cleared tramendiously. It is a great product and i am very happy about it. What is great about it is that there are not side effects and you reallly need to take this seriously because it does HELP !!!!, i hope this product will clear my son's acne, thank you....

-- Linda

I had clear skin all my life until I turned 25. I suffered with moderate acne on my face for 4 years...which made me lose self confidence...I couldn't go anywhere without make up. I tried everything....from antibiotics to lasers to all kinds of different acne creams, nothing worked.Finally, my aunt gave me 2 bottles of Acneed and 1 Detox.....in exactly 17 days I saw alot of improvement.I then took the Acneed, the Detox and used the Acneed cream for 5 more months, lowering the dosage every few weeks. I am now almost completely acne free...just a few small pimples and scars here and there and I think I have those because I did not avoid the triggers as Dr Li advised. I am going to continue taking the Detox to help maintain healthy skin.Thank you Dr Li! I can now look at my face in the mornings and smile. :) A very grateful client.

-- Dorji

Hi,  I'm actually writing for my 12 year old son. I've taken him with his doctor, a naturist doctor and a dermatologist, but nothing seemed to work until He tried your product for acne. I was amazed how this product helped him...

-- Veronica

I just finished one bottle of Acneed tablets and my complexion has cleared up significantly, almost all of the acne is gone...

-- Gabriele

I had laser treatments, used every prescription cream on the market next step was antibiotics.
After reading the customer reviews and receiving a prompt and helpful email from Dr. Li I tried the acneed capsules as well as the skin detox. To my surprise a week later my skin started to clear. My skin remains as clear as it could possibly be.
I plan on sending all the dermatologists I've seen a copy of this website, it's incredible, these products are great!! The ugly little white pimples which turn into red bumps were beginning to spread from my chin & cheeks to my nose and most of my face are gone. Bravo Dr Li for your products they are the BEST. Thank you.

--- Barbara

Awesome products! I finally found the cure for my Acne Rosacea. Thanks a million!


My blemish problem is very mild. It is my daughter that has very severe acne on her face, chest, back. She was reluctant to try this new product until she saw how my blemishes were clearing up with the use of the mineral salts soap and the Acneed cream. She immediately started on the Herbal Acne capsules and the mineral salts soap along with the Acneed cream. It is amazing after two days the swelling from the acne has gone down and they are drying up without making her skin all dry. We are both so pleased with your products. The service was the best ever (package very well and quick/on time delivery. Thanks for the superb products and professional service. You're the best!


I have been using Acneed for 1 1/2 months. The first month I took 10 capsules 2x a day. My face is so smooth. There is no acne present. The rosacea is still there and I was told it would take 3-4 months total.... I am utterly amazed at what this has done for my skin. Now I sound like an infomercial. I was getting so desperate and I can't believe that I don't have to be on antibiotics the rest of my life.


I received your capsules for Rosacea and Ocular Rosacea....I have only taken two days and today already my eyes feel so much better....

Is this possible so soon and have you heard from your patients that get results so soon from Ocular Rosacea????




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