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Chronic conditions

Chronic diseases are among the most prevalent and costly health conditions all throughout the world. A chronic condition is one that lasts for more than one year and necessitates ongoing treatment. In the U.S., almost half of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic condition.

Many of us seek the help of Western medical doctors to manage our chronic conditions. We use pharmaceutical drugs for chronic conditions such as digestive issues, anxiety, and pain. The problem is that these drugs treat the symptoms, not the underlying cause. They also often result in distressing side effects.

Traditional Chinese medicine is an ancient health care system. It has a long history of proven success in treating many chronic diseases. It is based on the premise that humans are a reflection of the larger universe, interconnected with nature. Any imbalance with nature can cause disease and illness. Traditional Chinese medicine seeks to restore that balance, to treat the underlying cause of the illness.

At Merry Clinic, we treat many common chronic diseases from a holistic perspective, using all-natural herbal medicines. These herbal formulas are gentle, with no side effects. An added benefit: They may even help to prevent other significant ailments in the process.

Blood Pressure BPSure  

Maintains a healthy blood pressure

Cholesterol CholestAssure

Improves metabolism, reduces and maintains cholesterol levels within the normal range

Constipation Constipass

Helps moisten the intestines to promote bowel movements

Diabetes GlucoAssure

Manages glucose level, helps to maintain blood sugar within the normal range

Digestive Health DigestVive

Improves digestive and immune systems, promotes healthy gut, resolves digestive discomfort, stops diarrhea

Stomach Vigor

Reduces stomach discomfort, such as pain, acid reflux, or bloating

Ear Health YinVive Hearing

Improves and maintains good hearing

Eye Health YinVive Eyes

Improves and maintains good vision. Reduces eye dryness or blurry vision

Energy Support QiVive

Replenishes body energy and promotes physical strength

Headache Headelight

Reduces headache and migraine

Joint Health EZJoints

Reduces joint inflammation, pain, and swelling. Good for all types of arthritis, including rheumatoid arthritis

Liver Detox  Liver FireClear

Detoxifies liver and gallbladder. It also helps with headaches and shingles

Lung Health Breathmooth

Detoxifies lungs and respiratory system, reduces cough and phlegm, improves breathing

Pain Management Corydalis Relaxe

Reduces muscle and nerve pain

Prostate Health YanVive

Promotes healthy prostate, reduces frequent, difficult, and/or urgent urination associated with enlarged prostate

Sexual Wellness Youngain

Helps revive and maintain the body’s sexual vitality, for both men and women

Sleep Sleepeace

Calms the mind, relaxes the body, and promotes a good night’s sleep

Stress and Mood Balance EaseTonic Plus 

Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression, supports emotional harmony

Urinary Health UTFlow

Clears irritation and chronic infection of urinary system

Weight Loss Weitaless

Increases metabolism, reduces extra fat and maintains a healthy body weight

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