Dermatitis Treatment

What is Dermatitis?

Dermatitis is essentially a catchall term for skin inflammation. However, there are different types of skin dermatitis, and understanding them and their causes can go a long way in helping those who suffer from the conditions to better understand their treatment options.
Nearly each type of dermatitis starts off with patches of skin that are red, itchy and dry. From there, the rash can become crusty, painful, cracked and even blistered depending on the severity. When you are first diagnosed with dermatitis, your doctor will probably focus on the most likely cause in an effort to determine the type that you are experiencing.

The Different Types of Dermatitis

There are essentially five different categories of dermatitis, and each category has its own causes and symptoms.

Contact Dermatitis

Contact dermatitis is the most common category of the condition, and is noted by a red or pink rash that itches. While determining the exact cause of contact dermatitis can be difficult, the cause will typically result in the diagnosis being one of the following:

  • Allergic Contact Dermatitis - Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when the skin comes into contact with a substance for a brief period. Some of the most common forms of allergic contact dermatitis result from touching poison ivy, oak or sumac, fragrances, rubber, certain hair dyes, skin care products and some detergents.
  • Irritant Contact Dermatitis - Irritant contact dermatitis occurs when the skin is aggravated by repeated exposure to a harsh substance. This condition can be caused by anything that causes irritation to the skin, including water in those who habitually over-wash their hands.

Contact dermatitis can often be avoided by making sure to keep away from potentially irritating agents or plants that are likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Nummular Dermatitis

Nummular dermatitis is a condition that is typically seen in those who are over 55 years of age, with most cases affecting men. This condition results in red, coin-shaped plaques that appear on the arms, legs, hands and sometimes the torso. Generally, nummular dermatitis is caused by taking frequent showers with very hot water or living in an environment that is very dry.

Atopic Dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis, which is also known as eczema, is typically seen in infants and children in families that have a history of the condition. In most cases children outgrow eczema, but it can continue into, or even start, in adulthood. Other causes beyond genetics can include the environment, stress, allergies and even defects in the skin’s barrier that allow germs to enter more easily.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a condition that is known as cradle cap in infants and dandruff in adults. However, in addition to being on the head, this condition can also be on the face and genitals and can have greasy scaling in a reddish or yellowish color. This condition is common, and may be aggravated by stress.

Stasis Dermatitis

Stasis dermatitis often presents as skin irritations in areas such as the ankles. This condition is caused by a decrease in blood circulation that results in the legs swelling. Since the veins don’t circulate the blood in the legs properly, the blood and fluid pools and builds up, resulting in swelling. When this process continues repeatedly, it results in irritation of the skin.

Our Approach

The skin inflammation is a sign of toxins inside your body. You see it on the skin because your skin is the largest and only visible organ of your body. Therefore, in the case of serious or chronic skin problems, treating from the outside with cream is not sufficient.

Our natural approach is to detoxify your body by expelling the toxins from inside; preventing the problems from coming back.*

Consultation with Dr. Li

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Primary Treatment Products

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EcDermaid Capsule: is an herbal formula for eczema. It is specially designed by Dr. Li for moderate to severe eczema. It works for all types of Eczema. This formula contains sixteen different natural herbs. They act together detoxify your body system to heal from the inside.

Ecdermaid Capsule Directions:
For adults with mild to moderate eczema, take 6-8 capsules, twice daily; For adults with moderate to severe eczema, take 8 to 10 capsules, twice daily. It is preferable to take the capsules with a meal. 


EcDermaid Face and Body Spray: provides fast and long-term relief from symptoms of itching, redness, and dryness associated with eczema or dermatitis. It is designed for ultra-sensitive skin, such as that of a child. It is a safe and effective blend of natural minerals and herbs, and quickly penetrates into the deeper layer of the skin to help reduce inflammation and nourish dry skin without any irritation.

Ecdermaid Face and Body Spray Directions:
Shake well before use. Spray to affected area 3-5 times daily. Avoid contact with eyes. To avoid risk of allergy, test on a small patch before use.


EcDermaid Hand and Foot Cream: provides fast and long term relief from itching, redness, serious dryness and cracking associated with hand and foot eczema or dermatitis. This cream is a safe, effective blend of natural essential oils. It develops a deep penetration into the skin to help control inflammation, heal the cracking, and nourish the dry skin.

Ecdermaid Hand and Foot Cream Directions:
Apply to the affected area as needed, up to 5 times daily. To avoid risk of allergy, test on a small patch before first use. Avoid contact with eyes.

Supplementary Treatment Products

Skin Detox Formula: Detoxification is essential for people with skin disorders. The liver is the major organ involved in many processes of detoxification including the removal of toxins from our blood. The lungs bring the oxygen to the body and convert it to energy for the cells. The digestive system absorbs nutrients into the circulatory system to nourish the tissues and cells. Proper balance and function of the liver, lungs, and digestive system maintains a healthy body, thus your skin can greatly benefit from detoxification.



Therapeutic Shampoo: is specially formulated for a variety of problematic scalp conditions. It gently cleanses hair to help balance irritated scalp and stimulate hair growth. Merry Clinic Therapeutic Shampoo contains aloe vera and essential oils of tea tree, lavender, rosemary, cypress, geranium, peppermint, etc. It is effective in improving the conditions associated with dandruff and reducing flaking and itching while delivering nourishment to maintain healthy hair and scalp.




Dead Sea Bath Salt: The therapeutic effects of bathing in the Dead Sea are well known especially in treating psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. We provide 100% genuine and therapy grade dead sea salt from the middle east.





Herbal Bath Packet: is local treatment that is specially designed for moderate to severe eczema/dermatitis on hand, foot, etc. It helps control the skin inflammation and quickly relieve the redness and itching.



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