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I came down with shingle from the back of mid torso to the front torso in october 2015. Of course, I went to Urgent Care clinic to get anti-viral and anti-bacterial meds to prevent long term post shingle nerve pain. I took some Chinese herb tea. I felt I was not completely clear with shingle. I came across Merry clinic in the net. I ordered the shingle package- 2 bottles of shingleRf and a cream. The cream is soothing to lessen the itching and burning pain. The shingle discomfort clears up a lot after I finished 2 bottles of ShingleRF. The skin detox was great- it even fades the sunspot/agespot,even the skin in the arms is clearer. Now, I do not feel the shingle pain and am still taking the skin detox capsule.

Gloria, from Texas*

I was ready to go to CO for vacation when I had the start of shingles. It was not that bad at first and the dermatologist didn't seem to have much to offer. When we got to the condo, it turned into a really bad case of shingles, where the blisters were so huge and painful and I could not sleep on my back, either side or stomach. I had never heard of shingles until I got it! I was so lucky to find Merry Clinic on the web the day before the trip. They rushed me the supplements and the cream in one day!! For all vacation I was in so much pain and could not wait to take my pills and put the soothing cream on my blisters. I still love the smell of the cream, cause it was so healing. I am happy to say that I have no scars which is amazing and no residual pain like some people have. I was almost 100% in less than a month! It has been 3 years and no trace of shingles. Thank you Merry Clinic, you and your products are the best!

Laura, from Texas*

I had shingles and after reviewing this site I ordered the shinglesRF kit and just finish my treatment. The capsules works very fast in taking away the pain, the etching and the burning in only 3 days,  and the cream works very well too. I was taking acyclovir before without any improvement. Merry Clinic shinglesRF totally cleared up the lesions. Dr. Li is a amazing person who helps me with my questions by email and I am very thankful. Amazing products that we can trust and come with fast delivery. I am ordering the Skin Detox now. Thank you Dr. Li and Merry Clinic.

Vera, from MA*

When I stumbled across this site I was quite excited because I was suffering from shingles on my face for a couple of weeks and although the rash was gone the numbness, pain and itching was lingering and nothing seemed to relieve it. I decided to order the Shingle Treatment Package and received my products in about 6 days which was pretty good since I live in Canada. I have been taking the treatment for a week and my numbness, pain and itching is almost gone. If I had known about this site the first week I got shingles I would have definitely ordered this product and if I get shingles again I would not hesitate in ordering this product again. Thank You Merry Clinic!

Delcia, from New Brunwick, Canada*

I have had the shingles about 2 months.  After viewing this site, I ordered my first bottle of shingles RF capsules.  After about a week, I noticed an improvement of the pain and inconvenience that the shingles gave me. 
I was impressed that the shipping was most expedient and the healing continued through the first bottle of capsules.  I am re-ordering as the shingles' pain is still there, but much improved now.

Sheila, from Douglasville, GA*

I had shingles in December 25, 2009 and they are very painful. The doctors said it was mild compare to others they have seen but to me it was bad because I had 3 small episodes before this one. They gave me Zovirax but milder dosage due to my not making urine anymore. I asked one of the doctors if they is a medicine that will get rid of the virus because they said this may come back again, he said unfortunately there was none. That is why I researched and found Merry Clinic's website.


There was lingering pain for a long time. I always thought the pain is a lifelong side-effect of having had a kidney transplant surgery and maybe the pain is coming from my kidney. I took the Shingles RF even if I am on End Stage Renal Disease and having Peritoneal Dialysis because in your website it says there is no side-effect because the ingredients are all herbals. I took the faith hoping it will make the pain go away. After 3 days all my itchiness were gone. After a week the pains are fading away even the lingering pain from long ago was gone now.  Except for the pain in my lower hips and joints that comes and go. Like the other pains before they come when I am active mostly at the end of the day but goes away after resting.  I would like all the pain to totally go away.


I will take 2 more bottles of ShinglesRF. I am hoping and praying that this is from the shingles, that this 2 bottles will help me. Also the cream works very well also, every time I massage the painful skin, the pain was wiped away.

Emelita, from Burbank, CA*

I am 55 years old man with shingles for two weeks.  After taking Merry Clinic Shingles RF, the rashes were gone within one week, and the pain is also completely gone now. I am really happy with the result.

Jeffrey, from WA*

The rashes and blisters dried up in 3 days after starting Shingles RF. The pain is almost gone now.  I was using pain pills and some pain relief creams for one month before using Shingles RF treatment. Nothing was helping.  Merry Clinic ShinglesRF totally cleared up my lesions and pain. I really appreciate.

Michelle, from FL*

I was suffering shingles for two months. The rashes were gone with 10 days of Acyclovir. But the pain was killing me. I couldn't even go to sleep. After using Shingles RF for two weeks, the pain was much better. It doesn't bother me at all. I would say the pain is gone 90% now.  Thanks for Merry Clinic.

Thomas, from NY*

I recently purchased Shingles RF from Merry Clinic for my shingles. I was suffering pain from shingles for 4 months.  I have tried many things from OTC and internet. Nothing really worked. The pain was throbbing on and off especially at night.  I started to see some improvements after using Shingles RF Capsules and Cream for one week.  It has been two months now, and the pain is completely gone. I definitely recommend this product for who has shingles.

David, from IL*

These are amazing products. I searched online for the shingles products and was caught by Merry Clinic ShinglesRF treatment. I got the products three days after I made the order. Fast delivery! I started to take the capsules and use the cream right away. The rashes were gone in 5 days, and the pain had completely disappeared in two weeks.

Iris, from MA