Acne Treatment

What is Acne?

Acne is an inflammatory skin condition in which hair follicles and pores become blocked with oil and dead skin cells. The pores in the skin become infected with bacteria, resulting in raised red bumps filled with pus, known as pimples. This normally occurs on the face, chest, shoulders, and upper back. Acne is most common during the teenage years but can also continue into adulthood. It is important to control acne before it becomes too severe, since this can lead to permanent scarring. The skin may also become darker in the damaged skin areas.

What causes acne?

Hormones are an important factor in the development of acne. Changes in hormone levels during puberty often cause more oil to be produced in the skin, leading to the blockage of pores. This can also occur during pregnancy, or when taking birth control pills, both of which also cause fluctuations in hormone levels.

Other causes may include stress, diet, genetics, some medications, and certain heavy or oily cosmetics which clog the pores.

Foods that trigger a spike in your blood sugar also contribute to the problem. Sugar, white rice, pasta, bread, breakfast cereal, potatoes – these all contribute to acne. They are considered “high glycemic” foods, which means they raise your blood sugar quickly. It is best to avoid them if you have acne. These foods cause your body to secret insulin. When insulin levels rise, this creates an imbalance in other hormones in your body that cause acne.

Treatment Options

There are many things to consider when treating acne. Treatment regimens usually include cleansing, exfoliating, and removing buildup of bacteria. The goal is to control your acne, and prevent scarring, or to make scars less visible. Treatment products include creams, lotions, cleansers, soaps, as well as antibiotics. Many products are sold over the counter, and some need to be prescribed by a doctor. Medications such as oral antibiotics and other drugs are available by prescription.

Other therapies include dietary changes, light or laser therapy, and corticosteroid injections.

Merry Clinic Natural Treatment Plan

Skin inflammation is a sign that there are toxins inside your body. The inflammation appears externally because your skin is a reflection of your internal health and is the largest and only visible organ. In the case of serious skin problems, external treatment with a cream is not sufficient. The better approach is to detoxify your body because it then expels the toxins from inside and prevents the problems from recurring.

At Merry Clinic, our approach to treating acne is a combination of internal and external treatments. We focus on balancing the body's system from the inside and controlling the symptoms on the outside to manage acne. Our treatment is all-natural and gentle, with no side effects.

 Treatment Plan:

  1. Healing from inside: The Acneed Tablet will cleanse the toxins from your body and help balance your hormones to prevent acne from recurring.
  2. Control from outside: The Acneed cream will clear existing acne and blemishes. For sensitive skin, EcDermaid Facial Spray can be used to relieve the itching and redness.
  3. Diet restriction: To avoid aggravating the acne, you need to eliminate certain foods which might generate toxins inside your body. These foods include: alcohol, coffee, spicy food, lamb, mango, pineapple, chocolate, sugar and greasy food, etc.
  4. Stress management: Try to reduce your stress level by exercising, getting enough sleep, etc.
  5. Maintenance: Take Merry Clinic's Skin-Detox Formula as needed to supply the necessary nutrients to support your skin's health and prevent acne from recurring.

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Primary Treatment Products

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Acneed Tablet: Our Acneed Tablet is an effective herbal treatment for Acne. This unique herbal formula was designed by Dr. Li for all types of acne and rosacea. The treatment has been used in her clinic for over 15 years.

Our Acneed Tablet Directions: 
For mild to moderate acne, take 6 tablet, twice daily; For moderate to severe acne, take 6 to 8 tablet, twice daily. It is preferable to take the tablet after meals.



Acneed Cream: Effective blend of natural essential oils specially designed to decrease blackheads, whiteheads and oily skin. It works to clear the impurities, diminish the pores, and helps smooth any scars in your complexion. *

Acneed Cream Directions:
Apply to the face or other affected site as a moisturizer 2-3 times daily. To avoid risk of allergy, test on a small patch of skin before use. Avoid contact with the eyes.



Supplementary Treatment Products

Skin Detox Formula: Detoxification is essential for people with skin disorders. The liver is the major organ involved in many processes of detoxification including the removal of toxins from our blood. The lungs bring the oxygen to the body and convert it to energy for the cells. The digestive system absorbs nutrients into the circulatory system to nourish the tissues and cells. Proper balance and function of the liver, lungs, and digestive system maintains a healthy body, thus your skin can greatly benefit from detoxification.




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