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I was bothered so much by my hives for a few months. They appeared every night. Antihistamine helped some, but can't stop it. After taking EcDermaid for one month, my condition is much better now. I don't have to take antihistamine. I was told by Dr. Li to keep taking EcDermaid and Skin Detox for one more month to clear up my hives completely. I really appreciate your help.

Barbara, WA.*

I am 43 yrs old woman with hives for almost a year.  I really like the idea that treating the root cause from within.  It really works on me. I took EcDermaid for 3 months, and my hives were completely gone. Now, I am on Skin Detox for the maintenance. I really like your products. Thanks, Merry Clinic.

Sandra, VA.*

"Wow, I was so impressed with the products I got from Merry Clinic. They were even better than their website stated. I got them quickly and will definitely buy from this site again."

Vicki -- CA*

"I recently ordered a herbal remedy for eczema. I received my order in 4 days ! And , as I did a previous order also, I was really grateful as to the fast delivery. Safe packaging is a great plus. The Herbal Remedy is working great and I am really thankful that item is available to anyone who needs it. Thank You , Thank You!"

Elizabeth -- AR*

"...I will admit that I was very skeptical but I had tried everything else I could find and spent hundreds of wasted dollars. I took one more chance and ordered your product. It arrived in just 2 days and we started seeing slight improvement in just a few days and noticeable results in one week. He takes 4 pills in the AM and 4 in the PM. I wish we had known about this years ago!"

Camellia -- UT* 


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