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This is Katie's hands from Dec 2019 to April 2020:


From Misty ; 

My daughter began taking the vitilago vitamins from the merry clinic along with picrorhiza and ginkgo Biloba. There was significant results in less than one year!*

From Gillian ;

I've been using vitilax and loving the results I've been getting so much that I have been recommending people I see with the condition to use it too I won't stop until my skin is back to normal I've also just ordered the weight loss pills to see how it will work... *

From Bill; 

My 11 year old daughter started getting vitiligo spots 2 years ago. Every year they kept coming back more and more. It was definitely a challenge getting my daughter to take the pills since she was so young. This year she finally was able to take the pills in the regular form and not mashed up the way we had to in the past. The differences are showing and she is re-pigmenting and all of her spots. This is a fantastic product and we really appreciate that there is something available that's better than the other more intense medical options. I've always been a believer that this malady should be treated from the inside out and that our bodies are missing key nutrients that are causing this problem to persist - I'd highly recommend this product! *

From Deborah; 

This is definitely the best product I have used to treat my vitiligo now whith the detox formula my results will be much better, can"t believe how well these products do work, very impressive! Your loyal customer. *

From Amy ; 

I do not have any pictures to post unfortunately. I wish I would have so that I can show the difference in my sons progress. At first I could not get him to take the pills it was too hard for him and very discouraging for me. We were finally able to get him to start taking vitilax pills roughly a month ago and it has definitely started to show changes in his skin! It started by his mouth and his knees so it seems those are the first places it is regaining pigment. The knees are 90% back to his normal skin color. Over the time it spread there are some on his feet and his hands. I ordered the Vitilax Oil and I am so HAPPY I decided to in addition with the pills! The vitilax oil really seems to be helping regain pigment. I wish I would of ordered a month ago! Since my son is only 9 years old it can be challenging to take so many pills each day however, with the visible changes he understands why this is important! I am sharing my story because the reviews on this site really make a difference when someone is unsure if they should order or not since there are so many items out there that claim to help and do not. We have used steroid prescription ointments and in our case they did not work either. I cannot wait to send another update soon! I am so happy I found your website and the staff is always Great with assisting me with my many questions! Sara is Fabulous to speak with she always answers and does not make you feel bad for asking questions. Thanks so much!*

From Pam ; 

Vitiligo is a skin condition that my dermatologist gave me no hope in healing. I was told that there was no cure and it would get worse. I immediately began researching vitiligo online. I called Dr. Li's office, emailed photos of my arms and hands, and ordered the recommended products. I planned an extended vacation to the San Francisco area. I made two appointments with Dr. Li. She modified by herbal regiment slightly. Dr. Li and the testimonials of former patients gave me hope for a complete healing. After taking the skin care products for vitiligo plus the Skin Detox for six months, I have noticed a remarkable improvement. My plan is to continue for six more months. I have faith that my vitiligo condition will be completely healed by this time frame. I would highly recommend taking the natural herbal remedies from Dr. Li.*

From Michael ;

My story with Vitiligo started 7-8 years ago with a very little dot on my private area. I went to a walk-in clinic to see a doctor. I was told yes it's a Vitiligo but still booked an appointment to see a specialist and he said yes it is. I asked what we should do about it he said take care of your health and gave me a topical cream. I used the cream for years and no results none what so ever. in fact my Vitiligo got worse and when I lost my job and my partner and got very sick(flu) all at the same time when I recovered from my flu I had a big white spot on my forehead. For years it won't go away. I tried all the oils you see on the internet. Finally gone but my whole body now has spots. I went to see a specialist and he said there is nothing we can do but i could refer you to see a specialist, the best in the business. I really didn't care and said sure let’s do that. I missed the appointment and still didn't care really. But then I came across Merry clinic and watched the videos on her YT channel. It made perfect sense because i always believed the body could heal itself. I got the kit. Dr. Merry back and forth emails were very supportive and informative. With one on one counseling I knew this will work. Half way into the treatment I feel that I can't wait till April and I know I will be completely re-pigmented by then. I am also raw vegan now about 80%. I do Yoga and work out at least 4 times a wk. I drink green juices. I am sleeping better and deeper as a result of my new good health habit. My white spots are not obvious and depending on the source of the light and the time of the day i could not see them. The more rested and the more healthy food I ate the less obvious my spots looked. Do I have regrets using this kit? No but I wish I knew about it 8 years ago. Thank you Dr. Merry. The pills do work and you need to be patient and not expect a miracle overnight. Your body can heal itself and from the inside out. The oil also is very helpful in my case.*

From Joyce ; 

Out of frustration I put in on your web a online consultation about my grandsons skin problem vitiligo and you responded quickly. I decided to give your product a try as you stated by buying the capsules and must say the aroma is strong but covered it by placing the contents disguised in a beverage vessel. After several weeks the new spots are all gone and the existing ones are slowly no longer as visible. I followed all your suggestions and am so pleased and thankfull! I know this is maybe not for everyone but my 3 year old has such a better disposition and it has really worked a God send in my opinion! Thankyou for being there and this is a success in the making with continued use.*

From Romharsh ; 

I have been using merry clinic products for a month now. My husband had ordered the introductory package and took the Vitilax Capsule & Viti-Nutrient everyday. Within one month now my white spots on my face are starting to fade, I felt like I am having my life back. No more embarrassment. I have been seeing professional doctors and dermatologists but none of them can help. Thank you Merry Clinic, this is a blessed medicine from Dr. Li. May God give her the strength to continue her work. *

From Dilenia; 

I started using vitilax and began to see the results within a month. My daughter's skin started producing pigment. I'm happy with the results of vitilax. For two years I had used many other treatments but none of them was effective. I am continuing the treatment for even better result. *

From Jeanette; 

I was recently diagnosed with Vitiligo about 6 months ago. The Vitiligo is located on the back of my neck and started spreading to the side of my neck .My dermatologist told me that there was no cure and that it could spread everywhere. I started researching the condition on the Internet and found the Merry Clinic. It was comforting to hear that they did have a cure for Vitiligo so I ordered the trial kit. I have been taking the supplements and using the oil for 2 months and my skin is repigmenting. I am still concerned about the side of my neck but I hope to see repigmenting there soon. The Vitiligo has stopped spreading. I recently went to another Dermatologist for a second opinion. I showed him the supplements and oil I had been using and at first he shook his head but when he read the ingredients he was impressed. He told me to continue taking the supplements and oil if felt that it was helping however, he gave me a 49% recovery and reminded me there is no cure. I hope to prove both dermatologists wrong and I thank Merry Clinic for the hope they have given me. *

From Diana; 

I have had vitaligo over my entire body since the early '90s. I ordered the Natural Vitiligo Treatment Introductory Package & took the Vitilax Capsule & Viti-Nutrient regularly. Within a week I noticed an increase in my energy levels & mental clarity that I had been struggling with for more than twenty years. If I missed taking the supplements I would notice my energy levels would drop again. My skin tone is less "glow-in-the-dark" color & doesn't blister & peel if I'm in the sun w/o sun screen. Amazing! I would definitely recommend! Thank you Merry Clinic - this product has improved my life!!! *

From Brenda; 

My name is Brenda and I am 24 years old and I've been diagnosed a skin disease disorder called vitiligo over the 4 years on my private areas. I tried many different creams and none of those creams worked for me , but I wasn't ready to give up. One day I was doing research and found a website called Merry Clinic. I started the treatment two weeks ago and I already seeing results I'm so glad I found Dr. Li. I'm excited for my next update. *

From Chau; 

Thank you Dr. Li and Merry clinic for giving me hope. When I first noticed a white spot on my 8 year old son's forehead, I did not think much of it because I thought it was scar tissue healing because he had fallen a couple months ago and had an abrasion there. Then I noticed a patch of white hair growing close to the spot and some more spots on his face. When I did some research on the internet, I came across this scary disease called vitiligo. I made an appointment for a dermatologist right away. When I got the confirmation that it was vitiligo, I was devastated. I felt so hopeless. I cried a lot. I started researching more and came across the merry clinic site. After reading all the testimonials, I had a glimmer of hope after reading site and site telling me there is no cure. I liked Dr Li's method of treating from inside out. The dermatologist had given me some creams, but I also wanted to treat the cause not just the symptom. I have been using Dr Li's treatment also with the creams ( clobetasol and protopic ) that the dermatologist prescribed and a drastic change in diet: no junk food food and alot of dark leafy greens. Its been about 6 weeks now and the spots on my sons forehead and face are completely gone! We're now working on the spot on his head which is shrinking. Thank you again Dr Li and Merry Clinic for giving a desperate mom hope. *

From Lia; 

I had white spots on my neck, both hands and both feet. I have been using the vitilax oil and taking the capsules for one month. the spots on my neck are gone and my hands is clearing up. Thank you.*

From Sanju; 

Hi everyone I live in virginia I had lot of white patche in my body and they we're spreading all my body. I spent lot of money in the doctor clinic with no improvement. I was searching online for natural medicine. I found marry clinic and ordered online. I took 3 month first time its surprise my skin slowly recover since that day I use continue merry clinic medicine to complete recover my skin so I strongly recommend that Merryclinic herbs medicine is the best than other treatment. Thanks for Merryclinic team and doctor who has given contribution of this field. *

From Liz; (Kansas City, MO)*

I have a 7 year old child. He was born at 24 weeks and weighed 1 pound. He is a twin. At 19 months of age I noticed a white spot on his scalp that began to grow large and dipped down on his forehead. I took him to the Dr. fearing it was Vitiligo and sure enough it was. From there I took him to a dermatologist that used creames that did not help. As a last result he was given the laser treatments with UV Rays that were working until they grabbed the wrong patient chart and 2nd degree burned my baby on his face and scalp. I was so very sad and felt helpless as he blistered and cried in agony.I watch him lose flesh off his scalp and face. I called Dr. Li after he began to heal. I ordered the Vitilax pills and the oil against all other doctors advice. With in 4 months he regained all pigment in his face and scalp!!! Absolutely amazing results!!! Amazing! He is now 7 and the Vitiligo has never returned. Why do I post again after he has been healed...because I want others to know even though he was a baby Dr. Li and her staff took the time to figure out a dose for him. I sprinkled the capsules on applesauce every day till he healed. He still remembers the burn from that horrible day but most of all he talks about his pills and apple sauce that made the white spots go away:). Thank you so much Dr. Li for the amazing products and great customer service you and your staff deliver!!

From Gillian; (from Guyana, S.A.)*

i first saw one tiny spot above my right eye in November 2013 it proceeded to spread bigger plus an added spot appear below said eye i found Dr Li on line ordered the medication and has now been using it for almost 2 weeks, the skin has become soft and the color has already began to look different, i plan to continue the treatment until im completely cured

From Recha  (from Los Angles, CA)

My name is recha and I've been diagnosed with Vitiligo over 8 months on neck. I tried all kind of cream, but nothing worked. I searched on website and I found Merry Clinic and called them. I started to taking the pills with Dr. li. I have been taking it since sept 2013 and my skin got softer and the color is coming back. I am so glad I found you. Very happy want to order more for 1 month. thanks.

From Michael  (from San Francisco, CA)

I've been suffering from vitiligo since 2006. I have been seeing many professional DR and dermatologist but none of them can help. One day I found merryclinic. and after reading all the testimonial, I feel convinced by all the success story. I tried it for a month and I found my whites patch stop spreading and now turn a bit pinkish. I will continue taking merry clinic vitilax product until all my whites patch cover. thanks merry clinic for giving me a hope. I will tell more story with pictures if success 100%. thanks.

From Nesa ( from Kansas, MO)

My name is Nesa and I've been diagnosed with Vitiligo over two years. I tried all kind of cream and oil, but nothing works. I didn't stop looking for healing through all this, one day I found Merry Clinic and call them. For me it is the last thing to do to take pills. It make sense taking the pills with Dr. lee though. i have been taking it since May and my skin got softer and the color is coming back. I am taking a lot of pictures to compare one of my leg almost covered. its amazing to see the change. I am so glad I found you. Very happy customer. 

From Uma (from Miami, FL)

I have been suffering from Vitiligo for more than 20 years now, tried many products, some worked for sometime with much side effects and some didn't. I had lost hope in finding any more treatment for this problem. One day my daughter told me about the products of merry clinic. I was not ready to try any more treatment methods for my skin problem but she convinced me to give it a try as the products have no side effects. I tried the products for almost 5 months and right now I am seeing some improvements. Though I tried both the Vitiligo capsules and the oil, I am seeing some dark patches in only those areas where I applied oil and exposed to sun.I am thinking of trying the products for another few months to get better results. Thank you merry clinic for giving me hope. Uma

From Myrna ( from San Juan, TX)

I noticed white spots on my son's face and realized that they are not normal... I looked further into it, scheduled an appointment to see a physician and was advised that there isn't much they could do. First of all, I dislike the fact that medical science after all the time these experts spend studying, the response is "there isn't much we can do". I decided to research it myself. Where there is a will there is a way.... I found the Merry clinic website and read the testimonials and decided to give it a try. Since, the medical science experts didn't work out, why not, Merry Clinic, right? Since May, 2013 my son has been taking these capsules as directed on the bottle and a huge difference has been made.....The spots are lighter and there is more pigmentation growing back. We have the before an after pictures, so we have done our comparison and there is a big difference. Very loyal customer......Thank you!

From Anu ( from Medford, MA)*

I saw small patch in my finger 7 months ago. It remained as just that small patch for few months. Then recently, I saw small patches in other parts of my body. I started searching what those patches are in web and came to conclusion that it is Vitiligo. I started searching for the treatment and found Merry Clinic as a reliable option. I am using the nutrients, oil and vitilax capsules for about 6 weeks. I have seen some improvement indications in the small patches that started lately. However, the main patch that started 7 months ago is not showing any indication of improvement yet. Therefore, I am going to try this solution for next 2 months.

From Monica (from Port St. Lucis, FL)

My mother was suffering from vitiligo for the last 30 yrs. I bought her the introductory pack and she tried that without success. Then again I bought her 5 bottles of the vitiligo capsules and 3 bottles of the oil. She finished using the medicine and now is seeing the improvement. Hew small white patch in the forehead is almost gone and also small brown spots are appearing in her neck . Though she says she did not see any improvement in the area that was not exposed to sun after apply the oil, she is hopeful it will improve after she continue with the medicine. I am going to buy her another 2 months supply of the medicine. Thanks a lot Merry Clinic !

From Janice ( from San Anselmo, CA)

About 10 years ago I lost approximately 75% of my pigment. It disappeared in a matter of months. I was going through a difficult time with the death of my father and financial stress. My dad had mild vitiligo and my daughter was born with some vitiligo that hasn't spread. I went to numerous dermatologists and was told there is basically nothing I could do. I tried Elidel for awhile on my face. It helped a bit but when I stopped it came back even worse. Over the years I had to stay out of the sun because my skin would burn quickly and feel raw. I have been using Merry Clinic products since September of 2012 taking 8 Vitilax, 3 Skin Detox and 2 Vitamins twice a day. I have been thrilled with the progress. The results started off slow, about 2 months before I saw anything, but are speeding up. Every day I see new pigment. So far about 20% of my skin has regimented and I have lots of dots everywhere. I went to see Dr. Li in May. She is a lovely woman. She said my chi is very low and encouraged me to eat a lot of watermelon to detox. She also said I have pigment coming back even on the white spots where it appears there is no pigment. The white part of my skin is not as white as it has been. Another benefit is I can be in the sun without burning. I've been in tshirts and shorts all summer which I haven't been able to do in years. I am very grateful for the work Dr. Li has done in creating these products. They work.

From Claudia ( from California)

Hello Guys!My name is Claudia,I really hope this testimony helps make your mind and order ASAP!Last year i found this satrange skin disorder after going with a dermatologist that scare me to death when he told me there was not a cure for it and I literaly wanted to die,my white spot fortunatly was under my chin and wasn't too big but after a deep reserch I heard about MERRY CLINIC, I had my doubts about the product but something in me feel this treatment make sense about the way it works not like the others that promise you to take it away in weeks ..so..I placed order and i coulndt see much differience right away then and I understand how frustating this is but believe me when I say "patience is your best choice",well as  April of 2013 my white spot is pinkish and I can see clearly how one of the sides is getting my skin color:)still some way to go but this is AWSOME! I found hope and Iwill defenitly keep using it until is compleatly GONE.

From Toni ( from GA)

I have been using Merry Clinic products for about three or four months. I have had vitiligo for about six years. Its tough! I have seen brown spots on my hands and other areas of my body that has white patches. I am quite pleased and will definitely continue using their products.

From Lewutnesh ( from Minnesota)

My mother had the same problem Vitiligo from September 2011 and I tried to get medicine for this problem but I couldn't find anything that works. After search on internet I read so many amazing testimonial from the patient who get cure from Merry Clinic Dr.Li's amazingly successful product. Now my mother's body totally have the same natural skin color. Thank you Merry Clinic this is blessed medicine. God Bless you Dr.Li.

From Carolyne ( from Marietta, CA)

I bought a vitilax oil for my young brother about a month ago, I am very pleased with the performance this medicine done. My brother had a vitilax capsules before but didn't have the oil, so the combination brought back some hope for his vitiligo. I want to buy the whole three combination to see how its gonna work. I am very pleased with your medicines because they really made a huge improvement on my brother's skin. Thank you so much for this important medicine.

From Hassan (from Acworth , GA)

I bought Vitilax Herbal Capsule for Vitiligo for my young brother who is bothered by the disease on 10/6/2012. I was so amazed by the improvement this capsules has shown. In just one month of using the medicine, black spots has just started to arise and i believe this must be a sign that his skin pigment is coming back. Honestly at once i was kind of skeptical about this medicine due to the price and other types of medicines that my brother tried without any improvement, so i thought this might be as the same as those he had tried with no improvement. I decided to buy just one bottle of Vitilax Capsules. Due to the results i have seen from my young brother, i am going to buy the all three medicines together because this medicine works!!! Amazing!.

From Katie ( from Renton , WA)

I have had vitiligo for over 40 years as it began when I was about 12. The white patches have grown over the years so by the time I started the vitiligo treatment 3 weeks ago, I had no pigment in my entire face, neck, and most of my upper body. I also had about 25% of my legs covered with white patches. I am taking 4 Viti- Nutrient pills and 16 Vitilax pills a day as the doctor told me that I should take a slightly increased dose due to the severity of my vitiligo. I also use the Vitilax Skin Oil each day and spend 5 minutes under a high intensity UVB tanning bed followed by a red light treatment (which happened to be included in my tanning package). In less than 3 weeks almost all of my face and about 30% of my neck has gained pigment. I am grateful to Merry Clinic for this wonderful treatment that has provided 0 negative side effects. I will continue to use the entire treatment process for the next 4 months to gain pigment on as much of the white patches as possible. I have always been very self conscious of my vitiligo and any re pigmentation will help. Thank you Merry Clinic for your treatment as well as your prompt response to my orders and answers from the doctor regarding my questions.

From Anna (from Calexico , CA)

I have Vitiligo on my forehead, both hands, both legs and in my foot, after going to all kinds of doctors I lost all hope, I was very depressed and planning on how to avoid getting out of my house. Then I search the internet as last resource and I found the Merry Clinic with all my questions answered...Thank God!!!I have been taken the Vitiligo treatment for five weeks and in the second week I was already seeing results!!!! The big spot in my forehead is barely noticeable, the spots in my hands are of a pinkish color, the spots in my legs are almost gone, the big spot in my foot is shrinking, Thanks Merry Clinic!!! for giving me hope and I will tell anybody about you guys specially when we know Vitiligo spreads fast!!! Sincerely, Anna

From N Cole (from Durham , NC)

I have been using Vitilax for about two months and fortunately the only white patches were on my lips. I notice pigmentation returning in the form of freckles. I have to admit that I was expecting to see more progress at this point based upon the testimonies from other individuals, but this is more improvement than any I've gotten from Protopic, which is what my dermatologist prescribed. I'm thankful for anything that would address this condition from the inside out & will continue using it.

From Joseph ( from Oklahoma City , OK)

It's been four months since I started noticing white patches on my skin especially on parts that were exposed to the sun. My face was all covered around the edges, and so I decided to see a Dermatologist who prescribe for me Ketoconazol shampoo and Betamethasone Dipropionate lotion to use for a couple of weeks, but I never saw any improvement. That's when I started researching on the Internet and came across Merry Clinic. I ordered Vitilax capsules, Viti nutrients Tablets and Vitilax Skin oil enough for three months. In about six weeks I started noticing the difference on my skin. The spread of white patches had stopped and I started noticing my skin getting back to its normal texture. These capsules had stimulated and re-pigmented my skin back to its usual texture. I'm so happy and I would recommend anyone to give it a try because its safe with no side effects. Thank you Merry Clinic.

From Sirumamu (from Elmhurst , NY)

I have had Vitiligo for 5 yrs. I visited a couple of dermatologist. But they could not help me out. One day I was searching on internet. I find out about Merry Clinic. I ordered 1 month supply, its been more than one month i m taking Vitilax and Viti-Nutrients. I can see some progress. There is no more patches are coming up. I will continue using it. Thank you.

From Melina (from Wilmington , MA)

I have vitiligo for five years, I have done several treatments, made ​​frequent visits to the dermatologist and nothing worked, the spot was always growing on my face, around the mouth and began to rise a few spots on the elbow. In June 2012, I found the treatment of vitiligo from Merry Clinic, and now three months later, I am extremely happy with the result. the stain is fading, I'm seeing the result very fast. I've met other people with vitiligo in the street and spoke on the Merry Clinic site for everyone to have access to this wonderful treatment. thank you Merry Clinic.

From Jashanjot(from Ontario, Canada)

I found a great improvement in my white patches. I started my treatment just 2 months ago and the patches on my hand are turning to brown colour. Thank you so much Merry Clinic for providing the best treatment.


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