Lung Support Formula for Immune System and Lung Support

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It contains four of the most precious Chinese herbal medicines, including Cordyceps Mycelium, Reishi Mushroom, Astragalus and Siberian Ginseng. They work together to improve your immune system, strengthen the respiratory system, and promote healthy lungs.


  • Cordyceps Mycelium has been clinically proven to support lungs, liver and kidneys. It may also strengthen the brain and heart due to its abundant content of essential amino acids. It can enhance the immune function of your body, stimulate progesterone production, boost energy and endurance.
  • Reishi Mushroom is symbolic of immortality in the Chinese culture. It has been used to support well-being for over 2000 years in China and Japan. It is proven to support the immune system by tonifying lungs and liver. It also helps reduce stress, improve sleep, and promote more energy.
  • Astragalus is the most popular immune support herb in Chinese medicine. It improves the body’s energy by supporting Spleen and Lung energy. It contains Astragalosides (antioxidants), which support the integrity of the respiratory tract. It is used to prevent the cold and flu.
  • Siberian Ginseng can help improve energy and reduce fatigue. As an immune stimulant, it may shorten the length and severity of lung infections, such as flu and pneumonia. It may also increase blood flow to the brain, improving mental functions such as memory and concentration. As a stimulant, it may increase the ability of muscles to do work, especially during periods of intense physical activity.


Take three pills a day in any time.


Cordyceps Mycelium, Reishi Mushroom, Astragals, Siberian Ginseng