Psoriasis Enhanced Formula Package (3 bottles) with Cream


Experience the power of nature with our Psoriasis Care Package, a holistic solution for managing psoriasis. This package includes a one-month supply of our Psoriasis Herbal Formula and a bottle of our Psoriaid Cream, designed to work together to provide comprehensive relief.

Our Psoriasis Herbal Formula, developed by Dr. Merry Li with over 25 years of clinical experience, harnesses the healing properties of thirteen unique Chinese herbs. This formula works from the inside out, balancing your immune system, clearing toxins, and controlling skin inflammation. It's a steady solution aiming to tackle the root cause of psoriasis.

Paired with our Psoriaid Cream, your skin gets immediate relief from symptoms like scaling, flaking, itching, and redness. Loaded with natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Aloe Vera, and Tea Tree Oil, this cream penetrates deep into your skin, reducing inflammation and promoting cellular regeneration.

This combination offers a two-pronged, holistic approach to managing your psoriasis symptoms, treating not just the surface but also the underlying causes. Trust in our Psoriasis Care Package to guide your journey towards healthier, calmer skin.