Vitilax Skin Oil for Vitiligo - Promoting Skin Repigmentation


Vitilax Oil - Natural Support for Skin Pigmentation

Experience the transformative power of Vitilax Oil, trusted by Merry Clinic for over 20 years. Our carefully curated blend of psoralea oil, bergamot oil, and carrot seed oil harnesses the best of nature to nourish and care for your skin. Whether you're managing vitiligo or simply seeking a more even skin tone, Vitilax Oil is designed to enhance your skin's natural beauty and health.

Product Features:

  • Trusted Solution: A reliable choice, Vitilax has been a cornerstone at Merry Clinic for more than two decades, helping individuals embrace their skin with confidence.

  • Psoralea Oil: Known for its traditional use in stimulating pigmentation, psoralea oil is a key ingredient that targets the visible signs of vitiligo.

  • Antioxidant Rich: Carrot seed oil enriches your skin with powerful antioxidants and vitamin A, promoting elasticity and youthful vibrancy.

  • Calming Effects: Bergamot oil, with its soothing aroma, also works to balance oily skin and calm irritation, making it ideal for daily skin care.

  • Enhanced with Sun Exposure: For optimal results, expose your skin to gentle sunlight for 5 to 10 minutes after application. This simple step can significantly enhance the efficacy of Vitilax, promoting a more uniform skin tone.

Usage Directions:

Apply Vitilax Oil twice daily to the affected areas, gently massaging into the skin until fully absorbed. For best results, follow with a brief session of sun exposure. Afterward, always use SPF protection for extended sun exposure to safeguard your skin from UV rays.

Safety Information:

Vitilax Oil is suitable for all skin types and free from harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances, and artificial colors. 

Embrace the legacy and effectiveness of Vitilax Oil—your partner in natural, confident skin care.

Size:1 Fl oz .

Active Ingredients:

Psoralea oil, Bergamot oil, Carrot seed oil.