Natural, Effective Solutions for Springtime Skin Allergies

During the long, cold months of winter, it is normal for all of your body’s systems to slow down. This includes the function of your skin – your body’s largest organ. When your skin’s metabolism has slowed, it will produce less of the natural oils that normally keep it moist. The oil normally acts as a waterproof barrier, holding in the natural moisture of your skin. When the oil production is less, this will allow the skin’s moisture to escape. For some, this may lead to dryness and other skin problems.

Winter’s dryness often lasts from winter through the spring season. For those who already have the tendency to suffer from skin problems, such as eczema, dermatitis, and hives, the winter dryness exacerbates these problem. If you already suffer from allergies, your skin is also prone to such allergic reactions.

There are many other contributing factors to skin allergies. Environmental causes from being exposed to the elements, such as UV light exposure from the sun, may also contribute to the problem. Genetics may also play a role. If your parents suffered from allergies, hay fever, or skin allergy problems, you may be more prone to these conditions. Chemicals in your environment, such as pesticides in food, preservatives, and air pollution, also may cause a skin reaction. Having a clean work and home environment is important, since substances in the air, such as mold, have been shown to be a problem for skin. Stress and an irregular lifestyle also wreak havoc on your immune system and your skin health.

Fortunately, there is much you can do to help heal your skin. Here are some recommendations for keeping your skin healthy:

• Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, but try to avoid citrus fruits, which have a high acid content, and may be irritating to the skin
• Shellfish and spicy food create more skin inflammation, so they are best avoided
• Sleep is incredibly important for overall health. The best times for sleep, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, are between the hours of 11 pm and 7 am
• Keep your skin clean, and wash with cool water to avoid irritation
• Avoid harsh skin cleansers, and those that contain fragrance or alcohol
• Don’t change skincare brands often. When you find something that works, stick with it, because changing to another brand may carry some risk for allergic reaction
• Wear a sunscreen when outdoors, SPF 50 or higher, and hypoallergenic
• Some supplements, such as Vitamins A, C, and E, and omega-3 essential fatty acids are very beneficial for the skin
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